A 24-year-old Belgrade native Višnja Jović has been studying for six months in the Master’s degree programme ‘Musical Art’of the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana. The girl takes part in cultural events with pleasure. Especially She especially likes opera, ballet and cinema. In her spare time, Višnja Jović plays volleyball, in which she has been professionally engaged for 10 years. Due to lack of free time and creative preferences, Višnja Jović refused the professional career of a volleyball player and devoted herself to music, namely, playing the French horn. Thanks to her talent, she became a member of the international orchestra, which performs in many European cities. In October 2017, Višnja decided to obtain vocational education in Slovenia.

Up to that point, I’d already been to Slovenia several times. I’m sure that my move to Slovenia was the right decision. I’m happy with every hour of my studies here. My fellow students helped me adapt quickly to new study conditions and the country. We support each other and move forward together,” says the student.

During this time, I have already visited some other cities in Slovenia; in particular Maribor, Piran, Portorož, Bled and Bohinj. Besides traveling to new cities, I like mountain hiking and going to lakes. When I came to Slovenia, I was impressed most of all by its cleanliness and the stunning nature,” confesses Višnja.

Natural beauties are not the only reason for Višnja to love Slovenia. Serbian’s heart was conquered by local residents. According to the student, they differ from her compatriots with a more expressed individuality. “From the first day of my stay here, the Slovenes were very hospitable to me. I have only positive impressions about the inhabitants of this country,” Višnja Jović says.

The girl also likes the way of life in Slovenia, in particular, the fact that the Slovenes are intensively engaged in sports and travel a lot. Compared with Serbia, Slovenia has more student organizations and associations. Talking about her life in Ljubljana, Višnja noted the convenience of urban infrastructure, for example a system of informing on the traffic schedule. The girl uses an application that allows tracking the arrival time of a particular bus. “It’s a small thing, which, nevertheless, saves you from a number of difficulties.” In addition, like many students coming to study in Slovenia, Višnja likes the system of student bons (meal discounts).

However, while admiring the country in which she studies, Višnja does not hide that she misses her family and friends. She also misses the crowded streets of native Belgrade, more densely populated than the spacious streets of Ljubljana. “I miss people on the streets, especially at night,” says Višnja.

Source: siol.net

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