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2TM specializes in educational consultancy and is a one-stop shop for educational services. We represent and actively promote Europe’s higher education institutions around the world and offer guidance and assistance to qualified individuals on how to best access educational opportunities in Europe. We work with students to successfully enroll them at higher educational institutions in Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany. Together with the student we identify the university best suited for the student based on their desired academic specialty, ambition and academic success, and we help them take on burdensome bureaucracy and uncertainty. Guided by our knowledge and experience, we assess the highest chances of admission, complete and submit application and registration forms on their behalf, we manage the ongoing correspondence with universities in a timely manner, and assist future students with obtaining a student residence permit for living in Europe.

Language Courses

At 2TM we offer a range of Slovenian and English language courses for international students who want to achieve Slovenian or English proficiency level skills for university purposes, business people who need it to strengthen their communication skills, and for those who like to learn a language just for their own enjoyment. We can help every step of the way. We offer several different course levels available for those of differing proficiency. Our courses are designed to meet the needs of second-language speakers and are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Slovenia.

Business Immigration

We offer professional support for the process of immigration to Slovenia.

Whatever way and what basis you choose to move to Slovenia, together we will go through the necessary organizational procedures, accompany the obtaining of a residence permit, and take care of all bureaucratic processes so that you can only deal with the issues of the actual move and your adaptation.

You can always apply for additional services for your company, language courses for you and your family members, any administrative support while living in Slovenia.

We provide comprehensive support in obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia.

We are certified partners of educational institutions in Europe

Customer Feedback:

I came to Slovenia in 2016 to study at the International Relations programme at the University of Ljubljana, but did not know Slovenian at all.

I passed a 60-hour course, where classes were held 2 times a week, and I mastered the Slovenian language at B2 level. I began to speak Slovenian confidently because I communicated with my group mates as much as possible. I constantly had to remind them to speak Slovenian with me, not English, because for me it was important.

In the first year of study, it was very hard for me – I went to the library all the time and studied a lot. It was necessary to do double work – first translate and understand all unfamiliar words in a text, and then study the topic. It really exhausted me and complicated the learning process. Therefore, in the first semester, I postponed two exams to the second half of the academic year. However, in the second semester, I passed all my exams! In particular, we had the subject “Basics of Economics”, which I passed in Slovenian and received 8! Now it is much easier for me, because I understand everything and speak Slovenian fluently. I recommend future students, who do not know the language, first, to acquire basic knowledge of Slovenian by passing intensive courses, and it is desirable that they take place shortly before the start of your studies. This way you will not forget the language, but, on the contrary, immediately start using it in practice. My second advice is to communicate as much as possible, “speak out” and do not be afraid to make mistakes! No wonder they say – he is lifeless that is faultless. It worked for me and it will work for you too!

Alisa Grienko

I would like to share with you my impressions from the first year of study at the International Business School in Ljubljana. I study the Master’s degree programme on “International Business and Sustainable Development”.

I obtained my higher legal education in Moscow. I have more than 15 years of experience in the field. The spheres differ from banking, real estate, bankruptcy, including arbitration and courts of general jurisdiction, to private issues of individuals.

First of all, I would like to note that the programme I study has turned out to be more interesting, informative and useful than I thought it would be. It contains the main modern trends of the current world economic development. Listeners receive a general global picture of the world that bridges to the direct subjects of business—entrepreneurs, which makes it possible to apply knowledge into one’s personal experience, having rethought the existing results of your activities and generate thoughts about the new directions of development or the expansion and strengthening of the existing ones.

The programme is of more than just a purely practical significance. In my opinion, it gives an opportunity to any listener, be it a businessman, a manager or just a student who has completed a Bachelor’s degree programme, of expanding the scope of personal world perception, understanding the main trends and establishing an interconnection of certain phenomena. This will be useful not only in any professional sphere, but also in ordinary life, for example, when choosing an employer.

I shall be honest with you, I was surprised, by the way, the material was delivered to listener – information is given, conclusions are suggested, but not imposed. At the same time, the material is presented in such a way that it makes you think and evokes interest and the need to study more deeply the topic, a separate question or issues related thereto. No stereotypes are inculcated. Listeners receive freedom for their own development.

I should specify separately that the study process if free from “brainwashing”. There is also no anti-rhetoric or agitation!

Several words about the school itself. The International School of Business is a private educational institution. It may be thought that private means absence of strict examination procedure. Don’t hold your breath. The quality of education is the reputation of an educational institution. Therefore, you will receive an assessment on the exam in accordance with your knowledge, neither more nor less. At the same time, attitudes toward students are very attentive and loyal, but within the framework of business communication. Most important, students are provided with teaching materials in both Slovenian and English. You can agree on the opportunity to take an exam in English.

Of course, all of the foregoing is purely my personal opinion, based on my own experience. However, perhaps, someone will find something useful in this review.

The 2TM Company was engaged in my admission to the International Business School. Taking into account the fact that I could come to Slovenia earliest this January, my admission to the training was a big question. But the team of 2TM managers worked like a charm. They found out my situation, my possibilities, my wishes and my plans for the future. Chose the most suitable study programme. They conducted all necessary negotiations with the educational institution. Later, they agreed with me all the nuances. They received training materials for me. I have to catch up a lot, but this is not a problem, since it depends just on me. The 2TM Company has carried out all organizational procedures and did it perfectly, for which I want to thank the company’s employees extremely. Moving, you know, is not an easy task for me. So, it’s very convenient when you can trust professionals in at least some of the issues.


I hope that I will make new friends here, studies will be interesting and I will have time for travel. The Slovenian language does not seem to me very difficult – I study it with pleasure!

Anna Maseevskaya

I don’t know how to repay you for your assistance. I do not know what to say. Thank you for the pleasant news! I remember all the difficulties that were on my way, how I wanted to quit everything when something went wrong. I was very lucky that I turned to your company and came exactly to this country. Without you and without the kindness of local people, I would have simply been lost. Thank you so very much!

Bekzhan Alymbaev

"All the information you need to know about studying in Slovenia can be found through 2TM. They really provide the necessary, detailed and accurate information. This is a good agency. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to study in Slovenia.”
(comment from Facebook)

Bogdan Dimitrievic

I have been cherishing the idea of ​​moving to another country for 6 years, while Slovenia appeared among the countries in question quite by accident. In 2014, I planned a vacation to countries where I had never been before, and Slovenia joined a number of other Eastern European countries, which should be visited simply “for a tick”. Honestly, I thought it to be no great shakes, and therefore had no strong expectations.
Needless to say, the reality struck me. Fabulous nature, neat cosy capital, nice people who in 90% of cases speak very good English. Everything is clean and comfortable for life.
I returned home with the firm conviction that Slovenia deserves increased attention as a country for the planned move.
The second time I came here was in 2016. I decided that if the first impression had not deceive me, I would move to Ljubljana.
Since I have a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, I thought that it would be a good idea to enrol in a Master’s degree programme in this field or take a Photography programme that is also very interesting to me.
Initially, in Ljubljana, I had a meeting with another company that provides services for entering universities and obtaining a residence permit, but after the conversation I still had questions and, while still in Ljubljana, I wrote to the 2TM group in Vkontakte. I received an immediate response, and Taisia, a 2TM’s employee, ​​offered to chat on Skype. We had a talk, and although the work day was almost over, Taisiya said, “Come anyway to our office, if you want to discuss everything in detail.” The guys (Taisia ​​and Mikhail) met me at the office, told me everything that would be required of me for admission and relocation, answered all my questions, and demonstrated a detailed plan of actions.
Although I’m a rather cautious person and prefer to check everything and everyone many times, in this case I decided to trust the “first comer” and the next day I signed a contract with the 2TM Company.
After a while, I can say that this was one of the situations when the following intuition was justified in full.
I had very tight deadlines for admission (about 2 weeks), during this time I had to return home from Slovenia, collect all the references and certificates from my previous school and university, translate them, receive apostille, and complete all household affairs. In short, there was a little panic and no time to monitor and recheck the 2TM employees. “Nothing remained for me but to believe.” Both offices (in Slovenian and in St. Petersburg) coped with their duties for 100%. Marina from the St. Petersburg office was always in touch. They answered all my chaotic questions – I had a million of questions since I was too nervous. In parallel, the guys from Ljubljana planned my enrolment, corresponded with educational institutions. They called them when something was not clear to me in the curriculum. Honestly, I rarely met such a harmonious, honest and dedicated work. There was not a single delay in answering my questions and no formal replies. Although I had panic-stricken thoughts that it would not work (because very little time was left), they were never related to the 2TM Company.
As a result, I did what I wanted. I entered the Master’s degree programme in Photography of the Academy of Modern Art at the University of Ljubljana.

Daria Kisenko

My name is Yaroslav Korchak. I want to express my deep gratitude to the 2TM Company for the opportunity to study in Slovenia.

I got acquainted with the employees of this company when I was studying at the Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway College.

A representative of the company Tatyana Sorokina came to our institution. After the end of the presentation, I was interested to learn more about educational institutions that offer study programmes in Mechanical Engineering.

The next day, I went to the 2TM office to find out what documents are needed for application. First, the 2TM team found all the possible educational institutions with the Faculty of “Mechanical Engineering” throughout Slovenia and I chose VSŠ Postojna because it had all those subjects, in which I was interested.

In Slovenia, I met with the wonderful representatives of the company Alexander and Sara. They helped me settle down, both in the college and in the dormitory. I am grateful for such attitude, support and time that they devoted to me.

After 2 months, I have fully adapted. I have never even thought of returning home. In Slovenia, I found new friends who support me both in my studies and in sports. One may say that this is my second home now. Slovenia has incredibly beautiful places, which I was lucky to visit, an incredible friendly energy, in both communication and people’s attitude to the environment. I changed my attitude to people. I became more open, confident and unshakable in my decisions and choices.

I do not regret about my choice and trust, and once again I want to express my deep gratitude to all employees of 2TM.

Iaroslav Korchaka

Winemaking and farming are highly developed in Slovenia, which is why I was so pleased to be able to study the process of grape growing, wine production and even marketing in this field. The language of instruction in my programme is English. The 2TM team were highly professional in helping me with my move to Slovenia. I just collected all the necessary documents, sent them to the 2TM office, and later was just waiting for my admission to the university. I would recommend 2TM to everyone who wants to save time, as the company’s employees are very professional and friendly.

Julia Ma

I found the 2TM Company in the Internet by chance, when searching for study options in Europe for my son. Hey! And why not Slovenia?

I called the company and talked with Ksenia from St. Petersburg. Things ended up with entering to the Civil Engineering School in Ljubljana.

Ksenia is a truly seasoned professional. She did everything clearly, without mistakes, prepared an invitation, admission procedures and departure to Ljubljana. Helped with documents and translations. It was very pleasant to work with her.
Yes, and with the girls in Ljubljana as well. A special thank you to Alexandra for assistance in obtaining a residence permit. We chose a dormitory, bought bedding and kitchen accessories. They took care about everything.
My son is studying now. He likes everything. Of course, in the first year, it is necessary to overcome the language barrier, it is not easy, but he tries to do his best. Thank you, 2TM! I look forward to further cooperation!

Larisa Leontieva

Last year, at the age of 30, I decided to radically change my life and start all over again. I stumbled upon this decision in July 2016. I hastily began to sort out the options, where and how to “run off”.

However, I did not want to just lie on the beach and spend money. My intention was to combine, so to speak, the useful with the pleasant. Studying! – I thought then. Based on my previous experience, I knew that deadlines for filing documents to European universities were until May at best. Having googled study programmes in Europe, I stumbled upon the University of Ljubljana, where the deadline for submission of applications was until the end of September. Without hesitation, I decided to take this chance!

I was very busy at that time and had absolutely no time to prepare documents, study requirements for entrants and so on. God bless Google, by clicking the first link under the “study in Slovenia” query, I got to the 2TM website. I immediately noted the user-friendly interface of the site and a huge amount of information. I got in touch with the company and thus the story started. I worked with the St. Petersburg office, with Ksenia. By the way, she is a very nice girl, with whom it was sometimes pleasant to just talk.

The 2TM employees worked quickly, efficiently and without any problems. There was some difficulty with the diploma apostilling, but the issue was resolved, and I was safely enrolled in the University for the Master’s degree study programme on Banking and Financial Management.

Having my last working day on Friday, I landed in Ljubljana on Sunday. The 2TM staff greeted me at the airport and drove with comfort to my place of residence (by the way, it was also found by 2TM). They also helped with the conclusion of the contract and other formalities. After settling into my room, I fell asleep until the next day.

Having left my job on Friday, on Monday I already visited the first lecture. The Ljubljana University Faculty of Economics is located in modern buildings with comfortable classrooms, state-of-the-art equipment, and a pleasant atmosphere.

During the first months, 2TM employees consulted and supported me in every way, helped with any questions, and to the present day, I happily go to their office to chat.

Ljubljana, and the whole Slovenia, are very clean, calm, with excellent ecology and low crime rate. A sense of security and tranquillity is present here all the time. The nature in Slovenia is very beautiful and very diverse – from mountains to the sea. Of course, Ljubljana is a boring city to my taste. The nightlife here i very poor. People are nice, but remote and keep a distance. To my mind, for an emotional and hot-tempered person, it’s hard, and Slovenes are afraid of my perseverance and openness 🙂 But I can always dispel my boredom by spending just 1.5 hour to reach Croatia or a couple of hours to come to Italy, and also 4 hours to visit the beautiful Budapest.

Having walked around in neighbouring countries, I happily return to the silence and peace of Ljubljana.

Maksim Ivailovsky

Slovenia is a developed country with a quality education system. The Slovenian language is not difficult for me. Since this is a Slavic language, it is similar to Russian and very interesting to learn.

Mikhail Undritsov

I would recommend their team to all future students, primarily for giving advice and seeing the best possible options for successful enrollment in the desired faculty. Also, all the information and answers to the questions were delivered at the right time which means a lot to uncertain students. Warm recommendations.

I am writing to you because of my experience with the 2TM team, which was positive from start to finish, filled with support. My name is Mirna Hindić, I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina and I will study microbiology at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana. I came across the 2Tm agency for the first time through an internet ad, and because they gave me a sense of security right from the beginning, I made the decision to collaborate.

Mirna Hindić

I have been interested in computer science since my childhood. What is equally important is that IT specialists are in demand. There is a large number of areas, in which you can develop. Slovenia as an educational base has attracted me because it offers an affordable cost of education. The instruction is held in English, which is of great importance for me. This makes the task a little easier if you do not yet know Slovenian. I like the organization of the educational process very much. A big advantage is the availability of information: all assignments are provided electronically and have to be completed online. All information from the lectures is stored on the university website. The system of examinations is also very convenient: if you pass the intermediate exams successfully, you do not need to pass the final ones. In general, if you want to find a calm, quiet and incredibly beautiful place where you can receive a decent education, then Slovenia is definitely your option.

Nikita Sizov

I am very grateful to the entire team of the 2TM Company for their assistance at all stages: the choice of the university and study programme, the preparation and execution of documents, the solution of routine issues.

All your recommendations were correct and necessary. When making such an important decision where and under what conditions your son should receive education for several years, the responsiveness of the company’s staff is of significant value. Moreover, all family members are far beyond thousands of kilometres.

I definitely recommend the 2TM Company to my friends and acquaintances.

Oksana Sizova

I study on an on-campus and off-campus basis under the Law and Management in Real Estate programme. I was acquainted with the 2TM Company staff during the fair in Moscow and I am grateful to its responsive staff for the services provided. To be honest, I was worried before starting cooperation with 2TM, but my fear was in vain.

The company’s employees fulfilled all the obligations we agreed on, they were always in touch and answered all my questions. I had just one difficulty – I was enrolled to a different programme mode. However, the company quickly helped to solve this problem.

Although the academic year has just begun, I can say that I like the university. The selected study programme currently meets my expectations, and the teachers are very responsive and understanding. I still do not know Slovenian well, and in some subjects, I am allowed to complete my assignments in English.

The result is that I am in Slovenia, I study at the university I wanted, and everything is fine!

Samson Kazaryan

Our recommendations for working with 2TM are sincere and imbued with the most positive experiences. When we tell our friends how the enrollment process went, we end with the sentence: “We would not have pushed through all this alone. Thus, with the help of professionals who guided us through the whole process, everything was simple, easy and completely stress-free!”

Slobodanka Grčić

I asked for information about the procedure for obtaining a visa for study purpose.

The 2TM employees responded promptly to my request and solved the issue literally within an hour. They answered all my questions, provided various options for each step.

In particular, they gave me some information that even the Consulate of the Republic of Slovenia in my country did not know.

If I knew about them, before I started collecting the necessary documents, I would not hesitate to ask them for help. They simplified the process of document processing so much that literally everything that I had to do was just to go to Slovenia.

It is an excellent agency. I would recommend it to everyone who plans to study in Slovenia – you will not have to worry about anything.” (comment from Facebook)

Stefan Milkovic

I was living in the United Stated for several years, but I have chosen Slovenia, because its language is very similar to the Russian, and I like southern Europe. I was enrolled to the IT Faculty to follow in footsteps of my parents who work in this sphere. I was choosing between Maribor and Nova Gorica, but the program in Nova Gorica, Management in Engineering, is not quite what I wanted. Programming is what I really do want to study. Besides, it seems to me that Maribor is the most “computerized” city in the whole of Slovenia.

Vladislav Zelenin

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