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Mina Dordevic, Serbia

Enrollment at university is a very stressful period and process in itself, even without thinking about the paperwork, documents and permits required when enrolling in a university abroad. Personally, I am a maniac when it comes to caring around my stuff and with 2TM I could focus on my school and successfully passing the graduation exam. Communication was always open and all the information was given to me quickly and efficiently.

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Mirna Hindić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I would recommend their team to all future students, primarily for giving advice and seeing the best possible chances for successful enrollment in the desired faculty. Also, all the information and answers to the questions were delivered at the right time which means a lot to the students in uncertainty. Warm recommendations.

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Nebojša Drinic, Serbia

I would recommend 2TM to others for easier communication with university institutions, and for easier and faster collectionf of necessary documents.

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Vanja Antonovic, Serbia

I would recommend 2TM for several reasons: professionalism, kindness and tolerance of agency employees.

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Slobodanka Grcic, Serbia

Our recommendations for working with 2TM are sincere and imbued with the most positive expe-riences. When we tell our friends how the enrollment process went, we end with the sentence: “We would not have pushed through all this alone. Thus, with the help of professionals who guided us through the whole process, everything was simple, easy and without a shred of stress!”

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Alexander Luhanin (Ukraine), a Student of the Master’s Degree Programme in Healthcare and Social Management at the University of Maribor

I began my studies at the University of Maribor on 1 October 2019. I was pleasantly surprised literally from the very beginning. During the first days of studies, we spent several hours learning how to use the library resources

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Anna Masieievska from Ukraine, University of Primorska student, majoring in Tourism Destinaton Management

I am now back home in Ukraine. I am in touch with the university via internet and my classmates are very helpful in some matters.

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Milena Mladenović, Serbia

Why have you decided to study in Slovenia?
A few years ago, for several reasons, I planned to enrol in a Master’s degree programme outside of Serbia. However, due to the work, which took me a lot of time, I could not pay attention to the process of selection and admission to study programmes of my interest.

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Aleksandra Sipkovska, Macedonia

Why did you decide to study in Slovenia?
Because Slovenia offers numerous benefits for students and many opportunities for postgraduate studies and further success in finding a job.

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Student Izabela Gojnić, Montenegro

Why did you decide to study in Slovenia?
I decided to study in Slovenia because of a great educational system, which is far better than the ones in the Balkans.

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Natalija Volarev, Serbia

Why did you decide to study in Slovenia?
I became interested in studying in Slovenia during my education in 2018, when I was finishing the 4th grade of philology high school in Belgrade. In October 2018 I visited the Education Fair in my city and visited the stand of 2TM from Ljubljana. I inquired in detail about the studies and got specific answers, which helped me to figure out that I am interested in tourism studies.

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Filip Tokić, Serbia

Why did you decide to study in Slovenia?
I wanted to study outside of my country, but at the same time close to home.

What is the experience of studying in Slovenia so far?
Great, totally different than in my country. Better, of course.

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Anđela Nedeljković, a Student From Serbia

Why have you decided to study in Slovenia?
I decided to study in Slovenia for several reasons. Free study was of course the main reason after which I just found many other positive things of studying in Slovenia.

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Slađana Tokić, Mother of Filip Tokić, a Student from Serbia

Why have you decided to study in Slovenia?
My son expressed his desire to continue education abroad. I’ve always liked Slovenia, organized and culturally rich country, so it was an easy agreement with my son.

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Brusnitsyna Iuliia, Russia

The most important factors for my decision to study in Slovenia were firstly accessibility, secondly because of 2TM and a great team that answered a lot of my questions, which gave me confidence. The third reason for my decision is my wish to study at the European university and the fourth one is the fact that a language proficiency certificate was not required.

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Mikhail Undritsov, Russia

Slovenia is a developed country with a quality education system. The Slovenian language is not difficult for me. Since this is a Slavic language, it is similar to Russian and very interesting to learn.

19 September 2019

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Anna Maseevskaya, Ukraine

I hope that I will make new friends here, studies will be interesting and I will have time for travel. The Slovenian language does not seem to me very difficult – I study it with pleasure!

19 September 2019

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Olga Gordienko, Ukraine

I think that Slovenia is a country with great opportunities. The Slovenian language is not too difficult and a bit like my native language.

19 September 2019

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Irina Pugacheva, Russia

Slovenia has met my expectations.
Our teacher in the Slovenian language course is dedicated to her job, loves her profession and does her best to help us.

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Ksenia Onika, Ukraine

Everything here is still so new for me here, but I am sure that the situation will soon change for the better! The Slovenian language seems simple to me. It has a lot in common with Ukrainian, although the pronunciation is still not easy to master.
19 September 2019

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Nikola Tanasič, Bosnia and Herzegovina

At the moment, my feelings about studying in Slovenia are very inspiring. I know that sometimes studies can be difficult, but perseverance and hard work always help me achieve necessary results.

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Aleksandr Tanasič, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I expect a lot from studying in Slovenia. So far, Slovenia meets my expectations. This is an excellent option for foreign students. Teachers at the faculty are excellent, tuned to work with foreign students.

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Inna and Aleksandr Mantulins, students of the Tourism study programme at the High School in Maribor

“Slovenia attracted us by excellent ecology and nature, high quality of life, quality and affordable education. The diploma obtained here is recognized throughout the European Union.

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Polina Avfukova, a student from the University of Maribor

“It all started when I was in my last year of studies at school when I began to think about entering a university. I was looking for a study programme that I would like, but of all Moscow universities, I did not find the one that would grab me.

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Andrei Rozov, a student from the University of Maribor

“A year ago, I knew little about Slovenia and, accordingly, did not consider it as an option to continue my studies. However, one day, I went to the International Education Fair in my native Saint Petersburg.

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Ilya Tatarin, a student of the Graduate School of Restaurant and Hotel Business

“I moved to Slovenia in 2017. I had never been here before, and I saw this country for the first time with my own eyes when I arrived here to study. The 2TM employees assisted me throughout all the stages of admission.

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Elena Starchevich, a student of the University of Ljubljana

“Representatives of 2ТМ from Ljubljana visited my secondary school in Doboj (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and presented the benefits of studying in Slovenia for foreign students. They told us what they did and what services they offered.

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Nikita Sharov, a student of a private high school in Ljubljana

“While still living in Russia, I began to think about options for work and study abroad. My choice fell on Slovenia. The country attracted me with its unusually beautiful and diverse nature.

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Trajče Andreev, a student of the Faculty of Economics, University of Maribor

“Now, I am in my second year of studies and I can say that I have made the right choice. I study what I like, and it gives me additional motivation.

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Oleg Alferov, a student of the Tourism study programme at the Higher Education College in Maribor

“I found the 2TM Company on the Internet, visited their website and sent an online request – this is how our cooperation began. I should honestly admit that at the beginning of my communication with the company, I was not yet sure that I would go to Slovenia, as I was considering other directions at the same time.

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Natalia Moiseeva, a student of the University in Nova Gorica

“Initially, I planned to leave for Finland. It is in Europe, but at the same time, close to home. However, a year before my admission, the prices for higher education soared there, and we decided to look for another option.

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Dušan Senković, a Master’s degree student, University of Primorska

“I received a Bachelor’s degree at the Medical Faculty of the University of Novi Sad (Serbia) with a degree in Medical Rehabilitation and decided to continue my studies in Slovenia, where I entered the Kinesiology Master’s degree programme at the University of Primorska in Koper.

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Alisa Grienko, a student of the University of Ljubljana, International Relations study programme

“I came to Slovenia in 2016 to study at the International Relations programme at the University of Ljubljana, but did not know Slovenian at all.


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Samson Kazaryan, a student of Nova Univerza in Ljubljana

“I study on an on-campus and off-campus basis under the Law and Management in Real Estate programme. I was acquainted with the 2TM Company staff during the fair in Moscow and I am grateful to its responsive staff for the services provided. To be honest, I was worried before starting cooperation with 2TM, but my fear was in vain.

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Bekzhan Alymbaev, a student of a study programme “Industrial and civil engineering” at Maribor University

“I don’t know how to repay you for your assistance. I do not know what to say. Thank you for the pleasant news! I remember all the difficulties that were on my way, how I wanted to quit everything when something went wrong.


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Bogdan Dimitrievic

“All the information you need to know about studying in Slovenia can be found through 2TM. They really provide the necessary, detailed and accurate information. This is a good agency. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to study in Slovenia.”
(comment from Facebook)

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Maksim Ivailovsky, a student at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

“Last year, at the age of 30, I decided to radically change my life and start all over again. I stumbled upon this decision in July 2016. I hastily began to sort out the options, where and how to “run off”.

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Nikita Sizov, a student of the University of Primorska

“I have been interested in computer science since my childhood. What is equally important is that IT specialists are in demand. There is a large number of areas, in which you can develop. Slovenia as an educational base has attracted me because it offers an affordable cost of education.

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Oksana Sizova, the mother of a student of the University of Primorska Nikita Sizov

“I am very grateful to the entire team of the 2TM Company for their assistance at all stages: the choice of the university and study programme, the preparation and execution of documents, the solution of routine issues.

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Vladislav Zelenin, a student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor
“I was living in the United Stated for several years, but I have chosen Slovenia, because its language is very similar to the Russian, and I like southern Europe. I was enrolled to the IT Faculty to follow in footsteps of my parents who work in this sphere.

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Anastasia, a student of the International Business School (IBS)

“I would like to share with you my impressions from the first year of study at the International Business School in Ljubljana. I study the Master’s degree programme on “International Business and Sustainable Development”.


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Iaroslav Korchaka, a student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, VSŠ Postojna

“My name is Yaroslav Korchak. I want to express my deep gratitude to the 2TM Company for the opportunity to study in Slovenia.

I got acquainted with the employees of this company when I was studying at the Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway College.

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Julia Ma, a student of the Faculty of Viticulture and Oenology, University of Nova Gorica
“Winemaking and farming are highly developed in Slovenia, which is why I was so pleased to be able to study the process of grape growing, wine production and even marketing in this field. The language of instruction in my programme is English.

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Daria Kisenko, a Master’s degree student of the Academy of Modern Arts, University of Ljubljana

“I have been cherishing the idea of ​​moving to another country for 6 years, while Slovenia appeared among the countries in question quite by accident.


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Larisa Leontieva, the mother of a student of the Ljubljana Civil Engineering School

“I found the 2TM Company in the Internet by chance, when searching for study options in Europe for my son. Hey! And why not Slovenia?


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Stefan Milkovic

“I asked for information about the procedure for obtaining a visa for study purpose.

The 2TM employees responded promptly to my request and solved the issue literally within an hour. They answered all my questions, provided various options for each step.

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