Anže and Nika are from the suburbs of Ljubljana. They have always  been interested in and admired nature. Both have a degree in Veterinary Engineering. They met when studying at a secondary school. Besides school, they were united by the love of exotic animals, especially reptiles. Today they are students of the Graduate School of Viticulture and Winemaking in Vipava.

Anže and Nika combine their studies with farming. In their interview, they tell how to combine study and work and how their knowledge helps them achieve success in their favourite business.

– How did you get involved in viticulture?

– The interest in viticulture and winemaking was instilled in us by Nika’s father (Ljudvik Nazarij Glavina), who presented us in detail the whole business with all his love and enthusiasm that he has for vineyards. His farm is located in a small quiet village of Šmarje pri Kopru, where his ancestors were also involved in winemaking and olive cultivation. By the way, Nika is a representative of the sixth generation of winemakers.

– How do you manage to combine study and farming?

– Most of the time we spend on the farm in the summer. During this period, there is a lot of work. Harvesting is the most important event for our farm. However, since the harvest is not the only thing that is necessary for the production of high-quality wine, we are engaged in other activities during the rest of the year. After studying, we have very little free time, but we are happy to use every opportunity to come to the farm.

– How do you cope with difficulties and failures?

– We are not afraid of failures and do not think about them. We are sure that during our studies, we will get enough high-quality theoretical knowledge so that there will be as few failures and mistakes on our part as possible. We also understand that the team that has recently formed on the farm has a lot of knowledge and solid experience, which, in our opinion, will allow us to overcome possible crises.

– Tell us more about your farm and the products it offers.

– Our farm has 26 hectares of vineyards and 8 hectares of olive plantations. The Santomas brand offers two lines of extraordinary dry wines. The first line of top quality wines goes on sale the next year after the harvesting. These are the wines of Refošk, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rose, Cuvée Quattro (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Refošk, and Syrah), and Malvasia. The second line of the high-quality wines is represented by red wines, which are aged in special French oak barrels and arrive on the market several years after the harvesting. This line includes such wines as Refošk Antonius, Cabernet Sauvignon Antonius, Mezzo Forte, as well as the Grand Cuvée – the best wine of our cellar.

The second type of activity we are engaged in is the production of olive oil in our oil mill – torklja[*]. Santomas olive oil is natural, extra-class, first cold pressed, with a protected name of the harvesting site. We hold tastings for those who were not conquered by Santomas at first sight. By the way, for lovers, we organize wedding celebrations on the farm.

– What would you like to wish to young people who, perhaps, are still looking for their place in life, or to those who do not know how to get on the path of entrepreneurship?

– First of all, we advise young people to go towards their goal without looking back at modern society. We wish everyone master a profession that they like and devote themselves to it. Anyway, we all live our own life and fill it with the essence we desire. An idea incredible at first glance can be a good business opportunity. Do not be afraid to follow your dream!

[*] 2TM reference: Torklja is an oil mill for the production of olive oil; an oil press for olives.


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