I found the 2TM Company in the Internet by chance, when searching for study options in Europe for my son. Hey! And why not Slovenia?

I called the company and talked with Ksenia from St. Petersburg. Things ended up with entering to the Civil Engineering School in Ljubljana.

Ksenia is a truly seasoned professional. She did everything clearly, without mistakes, prepared an invitation, admission procedures and departure to Ljubljana. Helped with documents and translations. It was very pleasant to work with her.
Yes, and with the girls in Ljubljana as well. A special thank you to Alexandra for assistance in obtaining a residence permit. We chose a dormitory, bought bedding and kitchen accessories. They took care about everything.
My son is studying now. He likes everything. Of course, in the first year, it is necessary to overcome the language barrier, it is not easy, but he tries to do his best. Thank you, 2TM! I look forward to further cooperation!