I have been cherishing the idea of ​​moving to another country for 6 years, while Slovenia appeared among the countries in question quite by accident. In 2014, I planned a vacation to countries where I had never been before, and Slovenia joined a number of other Eastern European countries, which should be visited simply “for a tick”. Honestly, I thought it to be no great shakes, and therefore had no strong expectations.
Needless to say, the reality struck me. Fabulous nature, neat cosy capital, nice people who in 90% of cases speak very good English. Everything is clean and comfortable for life.
I returned home with the firm conviction that Slovenia deserves increased attention as a country for the planned move.
The second time I came here was in 2016. I decided that if the first impression had not deceive me, I would move to Ljubljana.
Since I have a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, I thought that it would be a good idea to enrol in a Master’s degree programme in this field or take a Photography programme that is also very interesting to me.
Initially, in Ljubljana, I had a meeting with another company that provides services for entering universities and obtaining a residence permit, but after the conversation I still had questions and, while still in Ljubljana, I wrote to the 2TM group in Vkontakte. I received an immediate response, and Taisia, a 2TM’s employee, ​​offered to chat on Skype. We had a talk, and although the work day was almost over, Taisiya said, “Come anyway to our office, if you want to discuss everything in detail.” The guys (Taisia ​​and Mikhail) met me at the office, told me everything that would be required of me for admission and relocation, answered all my questions, and demonstrated a detailed plan of actions.
Although I’m a rather cautious person and prefer to check everything and everyone many times, in this case I decided to trust the “first comer” and the next day I signed a contract with the 2TM Company.
After a while, I can say that this was one of the situations when the following intuition was justified in full.
I had very tight deadlines for admission (about 2 weeks), during this time I had to return home from Slovenia, collect all the references and certificates from my previous school and university, translate them, receive apostille, and complete all household affairs. In short, there was a little panic and no time to monitor and recheck the 2TM employees. “Nothing remained for me but to believe.” Both offices (in Slovenian and in St. Petersburg) coped with their duties for 100%. Marina from the St. Petersburg office was always in touch. They answered all my chaotic questions – I had a million of questions since I was too nervous. In parallel, the guys from Ljubljana planned my enrolment, corresponded with educational institutions. They called them when something was not clear to me in the curriculum. Honestly, I rarely met such a harmonious, honest and dedicated work. There was not a single delay in answering my questions and no formal replies. Although I had panic-stricken thoughts that it would not work (because very little time was left), they were never related to the 2TM Company.
As a result, I did what I wanted. I entered the Master’s degree programme in Photography of the Academy of Modern Art at the University of Ljubljana.