I would like to share with you my impressions from the first year of study at the International Business School in Ljubljana. I study the Master’s degree programme on “International Business and Sustainable Development”.

I obtained my higher legal education in Moscow. I have more than 15 years of experience in the field. The spheres differ from banking, real estate, bankruptcy, including arbitration and courts of general jurisdiction, to private issues of individuals.

First of all, I would like to note that the programme I study has turned out to be more interesting, informative and useful than I thought it would be. It contains the main modern trends of the current world economic development. Listeners receive a general global picture of the world that bridges to the direct subjects of business—entrepreneurs, which makes it possible to apply knowledge into one’s personal experience, having rethought the existing results of your activities and generate thoughts about the new directions of development or the expansion and strengthening of the existing ones.

The programme is of more than just a purely practical significance. In my opinion, it gives an opportunity to any listener, be it a businessman, a manager or just a student who has completed a Bachelor’s degree programme, of expanding the scope of personal world perception, understanding the main trends and establishing an interconnection of certain phenomena. This will be useful not only in any professional sphere, but also in ordinary life, for example, when choosing an employer.

I shall be honest with you, I was surprised, by the way, the material was delivered to listener – information is given, conclusions are suggested, but not imposed. At the same time, the material is presented in such a way that it makes you think and evokes interest and the need to study more deeply the topic, a separate question or issues related thereto. No stereotypes are inculcated. Listeners receive freedom for their own development.

I should specify separately that the study process if free from “brainwashing”. There is also no anti-rhetoric or agitation!

Several words about the school itself. The International School of Business is a private educational institution. It may be thought that private means absence of strict examination procedure. Don’t hold your breath. The quality of education is the reputation of an educational institution. Therefore, you will receive an assessment on the exam in accordance with your knowledge, neither more nor less. At the same time, attitudes toward students are very attentive and loyal, but within the framework of business communication. Most important, students are provided with teaching materials in both Slovenian and English. You can agree on the opportunity to take an exam in English.

Of course, all of the foregoing is purely my personal opinion, based on my own experience. However, perhaps, someone will find something useful in this review.

The 2TM Company was engaged in my admission to the International Business School. Taking into account the fact that I could come to Slovenia earliest this January, my admission to the training was a big question. But the team of 2TM managers worked like a charm. They found out my situation, my possibilities, my wishes and my plans for the future. Chose the most suitable study programme. They conducted all necessary negotiations with the educational institution. Later, they agreed with me all the nuances. They received training materials for me. I have to catch up a lot, but this is not a problem, since it depends just on me. The 2TM Company has carried out all organizational procedures and did it perfectly, for which I want to thank the company’s employees extremely. Moving, you know, is not an easy task for me. So, it’s very convenient when you can trust professionals in at least some of the issues.