The 20-year-old Spanish girl Ineska Dabrowski from Madrid is a student at the Faculty of Education in the University of Ljubljana under the Erasmus programme. Last year, she decided to prolong her stay in Slovenia. At first, she planned to stay in Slovenia for 5 months only, but the beautiful nature, comfortable climate and hospitable people caused Ineska to stay here a while longer.

“I Fell in Love with this Country”

She arrived in Slovenia, or rather in Ljubljana, in September 2017. “I wanted to go to some place I had never been to. To a completely unfamiliar place. I was told that I would study on Erasmus programme for one semester only. However, I liked it in Slovenia so much that I decided to extend my stay for another six months. Ljubljana gives me a lot of freedom,” says the Spanish girl.

During the time that I’ve lived in Slovenia, I have visited many places. From Piran to Ptuj. I was also on an excursion to Celje. I fell in love with this country primarily because of its nature. In Ptuj, I visited the carnival. I also adore Piran. I think that everyone will like it. Most of all, I am fascinated by the mountains. The Julian Alps are simply incredible! And, of course, Ljubljana made a special impression on me,” Ineska says.

Student Weekdays

In the morning, I ride a bicycle to the Faculty of Education, where I have lectures,” Ineska describes her schedule. Then she usually goes to dinner with her friends. “Especially, when the weather is fine.” By the way, like most foreign students, Ineska was pleasantly surprised by student discounts. She also enjoys the possibilities here for leading an active life. “Tennis, volleyball and jogging are the kinds of sport that I like most of all,” says the student.

Friends know Ineska as a very energetic person who likes to spend time outdoors, in the nature.

In general, I really like the local climate, even though it often rains. However, the frequent rains make Slovenia so unique. Without them, Slovenia would not be so green. Although, to tell the truth, in the winter, I felt homesick for the warmer weather in my native Spain,” says the student.

I really enjoy spending time in the Tivoli Park. I usually read books, walk, run or just talk with other students in the park. Many people keep pets in Slovenia, and every time I walk in the Tivoli Park, I secretly dream of walking with my dog. In addition to family and friends, I really miss my pet,” admits the girl.

“People in Slovenia are Hospitable and Openhearted”

In the evening, Ineska often spends time in the dormitory together with her new Slovenian friends. “They have already taught me a few Slovenian words,” proudly notes the student.

According to Ineska, all people in Slovenia are friendly and openhearted. “At first, I had some difficulties with adapting to a new life and dealing with official formalities, but I always found someone who would gladly help me. Of course, the Spaniards and the Slovenes differ somewhat in their nature: the Spaniards are very noisy and open for discussions. The Slovenes seem to me more phlegmatic and calm,” Ineska shares her thoughts.

When I first arrived in Slovenia and waited for the keys in the street, I met another foreign student. At first, I thought that I would never be friends with Thomas. He is so quiet and meek… When we got the room keys, we found out that we lived in the same house. So, we started to study together on the Erasmus programme. We prepared for seminars together, walked around the city, began to communicate more often. Now, not a day goes by without us seeing each other,” Ineska says.


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