A graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, Marko Sitar, started cooperation with Cosylab in the implementation of various projects during the second year of his studies. Immediately after completing his studies, Cosylab employed Marko.

Relationship of Companies with Future Staff

At the initial stage of cooperation with Cosylab, Marko Sitar worked with power supply units and a vacuum pump monitoring system, while at the faculty, he was studying the development of hardware. He continued to work on other projects in this field, and after a while he himself made prototypes and test systems. In addition, as a student, Marko participated in presentations, exhibitions and festivals at the faculties of engineering profile that wished to attract students and qualified employees.

Students are interested in such cooperation because they can work on various projects they are interested in and apply various technologies. They can apply the knowledge obtained at the faculty in the industry, and thus gain serious practical skills,” explains Marko Sitar.

Companies also receive benefits from cooperation with students. “Thus, a company can establish communication with future qualified personnel. It can familiarize students during their studies with the specifics of the industry, in which it conducts activities, so that students can choose the appropriate subjects, and some of them can even change their major subject,” says Marko Sitar. Our interlocutor emphasizes that young people introduce much innovation into companies, because they have an unusual view of the world and are free from stereotypes that reside in more mature people with a vast work experience. This circumstance allows young specialists to adapt more quickly to the company’s corporate culture. In addition, they learn quickly how to solve new problems, expand their horizons in various directions and formulate fresh ideas about projects that companies are working on.

Applying Knowledge with Maximum Commitment

Marko Sitar stresses that his company is interested in employing promising personnel. Finding suitable specialists is not easy, because the current staffing needs of the economy are larger than the number of students with a degree in engineering, Marko asserts. Therefore, Cosylab tries to attract graduates, first by signing a contract for 1 year, and then by offering an unlimited contract. As for students, they are offered a flexible work schedule, so that they work on projects as long as they can, while academic standards always remain a priority.

According to Marko Sitar, companies and faculties of universities need to further intensify cooperation in the implementation of joint projects. In particular, such an approach is of big importance so that all students, not just young scientists, could choose the right company for the entire academic year and prepare a project for this company as a final work. This allows using the knowledge gained during their studies with maximum benefit.

Source: delo.si

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