Intensive Slovenian language course for freshmen-2021

Intensive Slovenian
language course for freshmen

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Slovenian course

A preliminary selection of intensive Slovenian language courses in Ljubljana is open to freshmen who are preparing to enroll in Slovenian educational institutions in 2021.

An experienced teacher – a native speaker of the language will help you at the initial level to learn to read, write, speak correctly and understand the Slovenian language, as well as to learn more about the culture and tradition of Slovenes. This will significantly simplify the process of education in higher education institutions and colleges in Slovenia, as well as your entire stay in the country. Attending a language intensive course just before the start of education will help you not to forget the acquired knowledge, and also to start using it in practice!


Who is it for?

The course is suitable for freshmen of Slovenian higher education institutions and colleges, and also for all those who want to learn the Slovenian language from scratch. The courses are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Slovenia and adapted to native speakers of Slavic languages.

Deadlines 02.08.–15.10.2021 05.07.–27.08.2021
Number of hours 100 100
Timetable 3 hours/day, 4 times/week 3 hours/day, 4 times/week
Hours 9.00–11.30 9.00–11.30
Level A1-A2, B1 A1-A2, B1
City Ljubljana, Maribor* /
Price 600 EUR 500 EUR

*If enough students are enrolled. In case you want to attend our classes in Maribor, please let us know no later than 15.7.2021


What will we do?

Classes will be held 5 times a week and will last 4 school hours a day. The accompanying program is performed by agreement between students and teachers, in the second half of the day.
The training program is enriched with topics from the life of students in Slovenia.


As a result of the training you will:

  • Learn Slovenian at level A1 – A2.
  • Learn the correct pronunciation.
  • Get involved in the cultural and linguistic environment of the country.
  • You start the process of adaptation in Slovenia before the beginning of the school year.

How to enroll in the course?

Enroll in the course by filling out the form below or contacting your manager. We will contact you as soon as we receive the application.

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The intensive course doesn’t suit you?

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During intensive courses we offer a dormitory in Ljubljana and Maribor.
If you want to find accommodation yourself, you can visit real estate renting websites or use the services of real estate agencies. For more information, our clients can contact personal managers.

A tourist (C-type) visa (up to 90 days) is issued based on the intensive Slovenian language course for its total length.
You should submit your application about 60 days before departure.

You can pay by a bank transfer within 5 business days of invoicing. Payment in installments is not possible.

Yes, if you enroll in long-term courses. In case of visa refusal, as well as in case of any other justified reason, we will refund 75 % of the amount paid, while 25 % is spent on administrative expenses.

If you cannot attend the class, you must inform the lecturer in advance by any means. In case of absence from classes without notice and justified reasons for longer than 3 days, lecturer and the company management are obliged to inform the state bodies of the Republic of Slovenia about that.

Each student will receive a certificate of completion of the course.

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