The Development of Slovenian Scientists Won the SAP HCP Challenge Contest in Bratislava

Matic Šerc, the director of the eVineyard young team, says that their development will become a great help for all those involved in viticulture.

The eVineyard team has loaded the maps of plantations, work plans, weather forecast, tips and recommendations for winemakers and other data into the application to get a full idea of the conditions of vineyards.

This development consults on the necessary measures to be taken for the entire season on the basis of special algorithms. According to Matic Šerc, the winegrowers can save “up to several tens of euros per hectare of grapes each year only for irrigation and on average several hours per month thanks to the optimization of work.”

Slovenska tehnološka rešitev

250 Euros for an Average Slovenian Vineyard

The cost of the application depends on the vineyard area and the set of features chosen by the planters. “The software for an average Slovenian vineyard will cost at least 250 euros per year, and technical sensors are even more expensive. The development will be useful for the biggest manufacturers in the field of viticulture, to whom we can offer a few interesting additional features.”

“We decided to participate in the contest, which led us to the victory in the SAP HCP Challenge in Bratislava, because this is a good opportunity for us to enter the market due to the SAP technology,” Matic Šerc adds.

The eVineyardAs team, as one of three SAP contest winners, will receive a three-year access to the SAP Hana cloud platform, the support of technical experts from the SAP Company and access to a huge customer base across the globe. The following year, the winners will be invited to the SAP forums, where they can present their developments to the customers and partners of the SAP Company.

The Key to Success Is in Integration and Cooperation

SAP is one of the largest global software developers of the business management software tools. It works with clients from almost all over the world. Last year, the Company showed more than 20 billion euros in revenues. The Company leaders believe that success in digital economy depends on the cooperation, integration and exchange of ideas and knowledge. They claim that currently they are working with more than 2,000 start-ups from around the world.

Several SAP Programs Relevant for the Slovenian Start-ups:

Startup Focus Program is a 12-month program, which helps the young companies developing solutions in the Sap HANA Cloud to find new markets and new customers.

SAP Sapphire is a venture capital fund that in the coming years will invest 1 billion US dollars in start-ups.

HCP Challange is a Sap initiative on the support of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, who are developing ideas on the HANA platform.

Startery CEE is a support initiative for the “social entrepreneurs.”