Žan Grošelj and Meta Hrovat Become the Country’s Champions in Alpine Skiing

Žan Grošelj and Meta Hrovat became the country’s champions in alpine skiing in the category of giant slalom. The competition was held on 26 March in the ski resort of Krvavec.

In his struggle for the champion title, Žan Grošelj was 0.05 seconds ahead of Štefan Hadalin, the country’s champion in the slalom category. Miha Hrobat, who lagged behind just by 1 second, took the third place.

In the women’s standings, Meta Hrovat was ahead of Ana Bucik by 0.12 second. Klara Livk won bronze.

It should be noted that Meta Hrovat is the current world champion among juniors in alpine skiing in the slalom category.

Slovenia with a population of just over 2 million people presented the world a large number of outstanding athletes. Sports activities are very popular in the country and are actively encouraged. In particular, in the educational institutions of Slovenia, individual study programmes for the students engaged in sports at a professional level are provided.

Source: rtvslo.si