Youth in Green Ljubljana: New Solutions to Develop the City

The Youth in Green Ljubljana project has been implemented in the capital of Slovenia since June 2019. An open discussion about the future of the city involves young people aged 12 to 28 years. Through workshops, interviews and online surveys during the European Mobility Week, rationalization proposals of young people were collected in the areas of mobility (transportation), education, food and consumer culture.

Thus, the young citizens of Ljubljana expressed their suggestions and wishes regarding the organization of passenger transportation, the schedule of city transport in the daytime and at night, the increase in passenger traffic, and the cost of travel. In the field of education, they invited educational institutions to invest in green infrastructure, grow own vegetables, promote a culture of cycling, use products that can be processed quickly, and pay more attention to environmental issues, in particular, regarding the non-specialized programmes. Young people focused on local seasonal and healthy food, both in educational institutions and in public catering establishments. This sphere, in their opinion, is associated with the need to refuse plastic (packaging, glasses, forks, knives, etc.) in the production and sales of food. In addition, young people made proposals in the areas of consumer culture, clothing design, quality of materials, development of brands without the use of plastic.

These proposals will become the basis for expert meetings and optimization of sustainable development strategies in Ljubljana.