One-Year Slovenian Language Courses

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One-Year Slovenian
Language Courses

12-Months Slovenian Language Courses

The one-year course is designed for those wishing to speak Slovenian fluently. The 12-months period of the course duration provides its attendees with a possibility to comfortably master the majority of theoretical and practical aspects of the language. It also gives students enough time to immerse completely into Slovenian cultural and linguistic environment.

Who Can Attend

The one-year Slovenian language course is intended primarily for anyone who plans to:

  • Enrol in Slovenian universities and study under the programmes with Slovenian language of instruction.
  • Enroll in studies with Slovenian language of instruction
  • Prepare well for the Slovenian language exam at the B2 level
  • Be employed by a Slovenian company
  • Move and settle in Slovenia
  • Start a business in Slovenia
  • Learn Slovenian or improve the existing level of language proficiency for successful and quick adaptation

The course participants will be divided into level groups. Therefore, the course is suitable both for beginners to learn the language from scratch and for those who have already studied Slovenian earlier. All our teachers are native speakers.

The course is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Science of the Republic of Slovenia.

Course Description:







Course Programme:

The one-year Slovenian language course includes 500 academic hours and is based on four main aspects: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The course covers all the basic and in-depth grammar aspects of the Slovenian language, vocabulary build-up, various methods for active development of oral speech and listening comprehension, the nuances of spelling and pronunciation, as well as simulation and acting of communicative situations from usual life of the Slovenes.

Classes will be held for 3–4 hours 2–3 times a week from Monday to Friday.

Expected Results:

A year of language practice among native speakers provides optimal conditions for fast overcoming of the language barrier and rapid progress in language learning. Completing the course programme will ensure fluency in the Slovenian language and confidence in communication in any situation – be it study, work or a friendly chatting.


For the duration of linguistic courses, we offer accommodation in private dormitories provided by our partners. The offer can be provided on request.
If you want to find accommodation yourself, you can visit real estate renting websites or use the services of real estate agencies. For more information, our clients can contact personal managers.

A long-stay D-type visa is issued based on the 12 and 6-month Slovenian language courses for the entire period of the course duration.
Not earlier than 90 days before departure and no later than 15 days before departure.

You can pay by a bank transfer within 5 business days of invoicing. Payment in installments is not possible.

Yes, if you enroll in long-term courses. In case of visa refusal, as well as in case of any other justified reason, we will refund 75 % of the amount paid, while 25 % is spent on administrative expenses.

If you cannot attend the class, you must inform the lecturer in advance by any means. In case of absence from classes without notice and justified reasons for longer than 3 days, the lecturer and the company management are obliged to inform the state bodies of the Republic of Slovenia about that.

Each student will receive a certificate of completion of the course.

Enrolment in the Course

Fill out the form below or contact a 2TM manager. We will contact you immediately after receiving the application.

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Slovenian language course!

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