Winners of the France Prešeren Prestige Award Are Announced

The solemn ceremony of awarding winners will be held on 7 February on the eve of the Slovenian cultural holiday, the Day of France Prešeren.

The France Prešeren prize will be awarded to the poet, writer, playwright, essay writer and translator Boris A. Novak and to the multi-year Head of Ljubljana Ballet Theatre, dancer, teacher and choreographer Janez Mejač. Besides, Mark Brdar, actor Matej Puc, playwright Simona Semenič, choreographer Valentina Turku, photographer Boris Gaberščik and artist Maja Smrekar will receive the awards.

Boris A. Novak is awarded for his rich creative heritage. Janez Mejač has made a significant contribution to the Slovenian ballet art of the twentieth century, having played 84 roles as a ballet soloist.

Professional cameraman Mark Brdar is awarded for his participation in the production of the movies ‘Ivana’ by Janez Burger and ‘Družinica’ by Jan Cvitkovič. Theatrical actor Matej Puc is awarded the France Prešeren Foundation prize for the roles he has played over the past two years in the Ljubljana City Theatre.

Boris Gaberščik will receive the France Prešeren Small Award for a series of photos Solve et Coagula and Von Dieser Welt. The concept artist Maja Smrekar will join the list of the five award winners for her work K-9_topologija. Last year, she also received the Ars Electronica Festival award for this project.