Wine Tasting Contest Vino Slovenija Is Held in Gornja Radgona

On Friday, 26 July 2019, the 45th Wine Tasting Contest under the Vino Slovenija trademark was held in Gornja Radgona (Prekmurje region). In total, 174 winemakers from Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, and Northern Macedonia presented their products.

The commission evaluated 678 samples including 30 bio wines. Champions of wine and tourist routes were identified. Finally, 26 brands of wines, having received over 90 points out of 100, were awarded big gold medals.

The Stanko Čurin Prize for wine, which received the highest marks during the event, was awarded to the Prus Wine Cellar for the cold maceration wine of 2016 made from the Rhine Riesling grape.

In the new category of white dry varietal Traminer wines, 25 winemakers represented 49 samples. In this category, the big gold medal was given to the Steyer Vaneja wine and the eponymous brand.

Among the wines produced by local Prekmurje winemakers, Laški Rizling LV by Vladimir Kupljen, Sauvignon NT by the Vina Krampač wine cellar, and Chardonnay LV by the Vin Kupljen wine cellar were awarded the big gold medal.

Champions of 2019:

Sparkling wines: Diona brut nature 2011, Hiša vina Doppler, Dolnja Počehova; still non-aromatic wines – dry: Chardonnay Prestige 2016, Meum Winery, Klokočovnik; still aromatic wines – dry: Muskateller Kittenberg 2018, Weingut u. Steirische Kelleri Johann Schneeberger; still wines of aromatic varieties – semi-sweet: aromatic Traminer 2015, Steyer vina; white still wines – sweet: Rhine Riesling LV 2016, Prus Wine Cellar; still aromatic wines – sweet: Sauvignon LV 2016, Prus Wine Cellar; Rosé wines – Cviček PTP: Cviček PTP 2018, Grabnar Wine House; red wines – Teran PTP: Selective 2017 Harvest Teran, Boris in Alen Lisjak Wine Cellar; red wines – dry, up to 3 years: red wine – Cuvee Rouge 2016, Bojan Lavrenčič; bio wine: Yellow Muscat 2018, Vino Frešer; champion in the price range of up to 10 EUR: aromatic Traminer 2015, Steyer vina.