We Invite to Intensive Slovenian Language Courses!

It is obvious that living and studying in Slovenia without knowing the Slovenian language is hardly possible. The 2ТМ team invites you to attend the intensive 100-hour language courses!

Classes will be held in Ljubljana and Maribor. The duration of the course is exactly one month, starting from 20 August 2018. The teachers of the course are native speakers. Classes are held not only in the form of standard lessons. When perceiving the study material, the course participants will actively use an interactive form of communication. It should be noted that the course is based on a special programme accredited by the Ministry of Education of Slovenia.

Passing the course just before the beginning of the academic year will perfectly prepare you for entering the main educational process. You will be able to fully perceive study material, communicate with fellow students and teachers, feel comfortable both at university and at home!

To enrol in the courses, please leave an application on the 2ТМ website under the Education/Slovenian Language Courses section. Our managers will be in touch with you.

Learn Slovenian with 2TM!