Upcoming Cultural Events 21.11.2016 – 27.11.2016

String Chamber Orchestra of the Slovenian Philharmonic: Soloists from Zagreb

On 22 November at 7:30 p.m.

Organizer: Narodna galerija, Prešernova cesta 24 1000 Ljubljana, +386 (0)1 241 54 18, +386 (0)1 241 54 18, info@ng-slo.si, ng-slo.si

A concert of the String Chamber Orchestra of the Slovenian Philharmonic. Its repertoire includes compositions of all musical eras, but special attention is given to the works of Slovenian authors. Program: S. Bradic, J.S. Bach, K. Seletkovich, M. Mussorgsky, R. Patterson.

Jakob Bro Trio feat. Thomas Morgan & Joey Baron, Tamara Obrovac Transhistria Ensemble

On 22 November at 8:00 p.m.

Organizer: Cankarjev dom, Prešernova cesta 10 1000 Ljubljana, +386 (0)1 241 72 99, +386 (0)1 241 71 00, info@cd-cc.si, cd-cc.si

Jakob Bro Trio is the most titled Danish band playing jazz music. At this concert, it will present its second album ‘Streams’. The Croatian-Slovenian-Italian ‘Transhistria Ensemble’ under the direction of Tamara Obrovac has been giving performances for over 10 years at numerous European festivals.

The Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra and the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet

On 24 November at 7:30 p.m.

Organizer: Cankarjev dom, Prešernova cesta 10 1000 Ljubljana, +386 (0)1 241 72 99, +386 (0)1 241 71 00, info@cd-cc.si, cd-cc.si

The Zagreb Saxophone Quartet, together with the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, will present the symphonies of two Soviet composers—Sergei Prokofiev and Shostakovich, as well as the works by the contemporary Slovenian composer and conductor Mirko Lazar.

Conductor: Dimitrij Liss. Program: S. Prokofiev, M. Lazar, D. Shostakovich.

December in Ljubljana 2016—a Cycle of Celebrations in the Old Town

25.11.2016 – 01.01.2017

Organizer: the Municipality of Ljubljana, a detailed schedule of events.

The festive atmosphere in Ljubljana on the eve of the New Year holidays will reign at the Christmas market and during numerous free activities held in the ornate Old Town. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the vibrant entertainment activities which suit all tastes for adults and children, and to celebrate the New Year 2017 at the Congress square.

The Slovenian Wine Festival and the Culinary Feast

25.11.2016 – 26.11.2016

Organizer: Grand hotel Union, Miklošičeva cesta 1 1000 Ljubljana, +386 (0)1 308 12 70, grand@union-hotels.eu, union-hotels.eu

At traditional festivals, you can taste the most famous dishes of Slovenian cuisine and try wines from the rich collection of the leading Slovenian and foreign manufacturers.

Read more: festivalkulinarike.si, slovenskifestivalvin.si