The University of Maribor Attracts More Foreign Students

More and more students come to study at the University of Maribor on international exchange programs.

The new academic year began a month ago. As in previous years, a lot of foreign students come to the University of Maribor within the framework of the Erasmus+ international exchange programs. In the winter semester of the current academic year, 430 foreign students will study in Maribor.

The Number of Foreign Students Gradually Increases

The number of foreign students coming to the University of Maribor under the international exchange programs is increasing annually.

“We hope that this fact is explained by the quality of our study programs offered to the guests from abroad,” Eva Škruba, the Erasmus program coordinator at the University in Maribor, explained at the official reception for foreign students.

The Majority of Foreign Students Come from Spain

As in previous years, the University of Maribor is primarily attended by the students from Spain, followed by the Poles, the Turks, the French, the Portuguese, the Czechs, and the Slovaks. As one of the Spanish students from the “Pre-school Education” program has told in his interview with STA, he decided to come to study in Maribor on the advice of his friend who had been there two years ago “and did absolutely well.” A Ukrainian student from the “Architecture” program was attracted, first of all, by the relatively low tuition fees and living costs in Slovenia.

Slovenia is one of the few countries where the number of foreign students within the framework of international exchange programs exceeds the number of people who travel abroad.

Students from China Also Come to Study in Slovenia

A group of students from China will study at the University of Maribor. A student of the “British Literature” program was inspired for coming to Maribor by the recent agreement between the Municipality of Maribor and the Hangzhou City Administration. “I heard that the University of Maribor was the second largest university in the country, so I decided to come here,” she said.

The majority of foreign students (142 persons) come to study at the Faculty of Economics and Business (EPF). The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics (FERI) enrols 55 foreigners, the Faculty of Philosophy – 49.