University Library of Maribor Is a Partner of the European Project: Building National Initiatives for Open Science in Europe

The University Library of Maribor is a partner of the European project H2020 NI4OS-EUROPE: BUILDING NATIONAL INITIATIVES FOR OPEN SCIENCE IN EUROPE. In addition to the University Library of Maribor, the three-year project also includes as a national partner the Arnes state institution – the Academic and Research Network of Slovenia.

The project involves open access to scientific outcomes, the reuse of publicly available and research data, as well as the creation of a common European open scientific platform called the European Open Science Cloud.

The project focuses on the region of Southeast Europe in order to stimulate the involvement of key parties concerned at the national and regional levels, strengthen coordinated actions, achieve effective communication and harmonize national practice with the EOSC both at the technical/operational level and at the strategic level (development of mechanisms for development of open science).