Two Regional Bypass Roads to Be Built in Posočje

The construction of the bypass roads is planned in order to improve safety on highways and to discharge the traffic load at the Volče and Most na Soči settlements. The information is posted on the Ministry of Ecology and Environment website. This project is currently at the stage of the state spatial plan preparation. Opinions, suggestions and recommendations thereto are accepted until the end of January.

For each bypass road, two projects have been developed. According to experts, they will be able to reduce the traffic load by 70%. According to the Department of Infrastructure, more than 5 thousand vehicles pass daily through the settlement of Volče. The first bypass road project is estimated at 7 million euros and involves the construction of a 300-metre viaduct at the entrance to the settlement. The total length of the bypass road should be 1 km. It is planned to build the northern and southern forks in the road. It is also planned to preserve the fork in front of the entrance to the plant located in the Čiginjske field.

In the local Volče community, they are inclined to choose the second project, which is estimated at 10 million euros and includes the construction of a 1.2 km long bypass road around the settlement of Volče, a 236-metre tunnel and a 200-metre long viaduct.

The purchase of the land plots for construction is scheduled for 2020. Construction works, designed for two years, are expected to begin in 2023.

In 2024, a year before the commissioning of the bypass road around the settlement of Volče, it is planned to finish the construction of a bypass road in the settlement of Most na Soči. The first project of this bypass road with a length of more than 600 metres involves the construction of a 350-metre tunnel, a new traffic circle, a fork in front of the tunnel in the direction of Tolmin, and a southern fork in the direction of Idrija. The second project, with a slightly longer tunnel (390 metres), does not involve the construction of a southern fork to the settlement, as it involves dismantling of a part of the existing highway. Both projects are estimated at about 6 million euros and involve the construction of a tunnel.