Transport Infrastructure to Be Improved in Vrhnika

The project on improvement of transport infrastructure in Vrhnika has been launched. The budget of works is about 980 thousand euros. The contractor is CPK (Koper). Funds for the implementation of the improvement project will be allocated by the city municipality, the State Department of Infrastructure and European Funds. The date of project completion is scheduled for 30 September 2018.

Within the framework of this project, it is planned to install new traffic lights, road markings, bicycle lanes and footpaths, repair sidewalks, install a road fence and lay a new asphalt pavement. Besides, 4 intersections will be enhanced, including a new entrance to the Cultural Centre of Vrhnika. Moreover, the road to the city cemetery and Močilnik, a tributary of the Ljubljanica River, will be renovated.

According to the vice-mayor of Vrhnika, Janko Skodlar, the project aims to improve traffic safety for the most vulnerable categories of the population: bicyclists, pedestrians, invalids and schoolchildren.