9.1% of Tourism Growth in Slovenia in 2016

Slovenia’s tourist industry has gathered a rich crop. The number of tourists increased by 9.1% as compared to 2015, while the number of overnight stays increased by 6.8%. In many respects, this is due to the warm weather in early autumn. In September 2016, the number of tourists was 17.9% higher than in September last year, while the number of overnight stays increased by 14.6%.

In total 58.9% of overnight stays have been officially recorded in hotels for the first 9 months of 2016. This exceeds the last year’s figure by 6.3%. The share of overnight stays in tourist campsites was 14.7%, which is 3.6% more than in 2015.

The total comparison of the September indicators shows an increase of 25.7%. Given 7% of growth, the apartment hotels and resort areas had 5.8% of overnight stays, while the rented apartments and rooms demonstrated 5.6% of all overnight stays in 9 months (from January to September) given 17.2% of growth.

The Most Frequent Guests to Slovenia

The ratio between foreign and Slovenian tourists has been changing in favour of the first from year to year. During the first 9 months of 2016, only 29% of visits and 33.8% of overnight stays by domestic tourists were recorded. This year, the number of overnight stays by domestic tourists has grown by 2.7% as compared to 2015, while what concerns the foreign tourists, the increase was as much as 9% in the first 9 months.

The national identity of tourists from other countries has been traditional. The majority of Slovenia’s guests were from Italy (a 7.9% growth in overnight stays, 14.6% of all foreigners). They are followed by the Germans (a 6.1% increase in overnight stays, 11.5%). The Austrians are in the third place (a 6% growth in overnight stays, 10.8%).

The number of Russian tourists in Slovenia decreased. The number of their overnight stays, which was at the 5%-level last year, has decreased to 2.8% in the first 9 months of 2016. This is confirmed by the data on the Russian tourist arrivals — only 1.4%, while earlier this figure was 6.2% and the rate of overnight stays — 11.9%.

Tourist Facilities in Slovenia

The share of resorts (27.5%) and mountain municipalities (26.4%) among the tourist attractions is almost identical according to the number of overnight stays for the last 9 months. The growth rate amounted to 3.9% for resorts and 10.5% for mountain municipalities. The regional statistics shows an increase of 3.5% for the Primorska Region (a share of 21.2%), while Ljubljana had a share of 11.6% with an increase of 9.6%.

Most often, tourists chose the mountain municipalities (28.2%), followed by the resorts (19.7%). The Primorska Region and Ljubljana have the same indicators of 16.9%.

Source: delo.si