Top-100 Richest Slovenes According to the Manager Publication

For the third year in a row, the ranking of top-100 richest Slovenes, according to the Manager publication, is headed by the Login married couple, who are the main founders of the Outfit7 Company. They are followed by Joc Pečečnik (the Interblock Group). Tatjana and Albin Doberšek are on the third place of the ranking.

Last year, the wealth of the Outfit7 mobile applications developers Iza and Samo Login, according to the Manager, decreased by 18% and is estimated at 699 million euros.

Five other co-owners of the Outfit7 Company included into the ranking also experience a financial recession. The highest (4th) place among them is taken by Marko Pistotnik, who, according to unofficial data, possesses 211 million euros — 19% less than in 2015.

The ranking authors note that in 2016, they have first received complete information about the Company’s balance sheet, so they could assess the financial state of the founders more reliably.

Pečečnik Takes the Second Place, and the Doberšek Spouses Occupy the Third Place

The second place in the ranking is proved to be taken by the major shareholder of the Interblock casino equipment manufacturer—Joc Pečečnik. His fortune is estimated at 255 million euros, which is 6% more than in 2015, when Pečečnik was on the fourth place. Since 2007, the value of his assets increased by 176%. In all the previously published rankings, Pečečnik was one of the twenty richest Slovenes.

Tatjana and Albin Doberšek climbed from the last year’s 5th place to the third place this year. The couple are the founders of the German Engineering Doberšek family-owned company specializing in the turnkey design and construction of industrial objects. Their fortune is estimated at 222 million euros, which is 4% less than in 2015.

The fifth place in the ranking belongs to the founder of Studia Moderna Sandi Češko. Last year he was the second, and in 2011, 2012 and 2013 he headed the ranking. The Manager publication evaluates his property to 184 million euros, which is 32% less than last year.

Who Else Is Among the Top Ten?

The top ten also includes Gabrijel and Petra Rejc, the co-owners of the Efaflex manufacturer of industrial, garage and folding doors (98 million euros, which is 6% more than in 2015), the Lah family led by the financial investor Igor Lah that owns the Cyprus company Ampelus and the Luxembourg company Aluber (91,8 million euros, which is 17% less than last year), the owner of the renowned Akrapovič exhaust systems manufacturer Igor Akrapovič (91.6 million euros, which is 58% more than last year), the owner of the TGE Holding gas terminals developer Vladimir Puklavec, who also owns the P & F Jeruzalem Ormož wine cellar (81,4 million euros, which is 6% more than last year), and the co-owners of the Inotherm door manufacturer (Ribnica) Anton and Verica Šenk (70.8 million euros, which is 10% more than last year).

Ivo Boscarola Made the Most Significant Progress, While Mirko Tuš Has Dropped from the Ranking

As compared to the last year’s ranking, the most significant increase in the assets value (almost three times) belongs to Ivo Boscarola and his daughter Taja, the owners of the Slovenian company Pipistrel, the leading manufacturer of ultra-light aircrafts. The potential market value of the Pipistrel Company was estimated at 50 million euros, which allowed its co-owners to take the 19th place.

A notable loss for the ranking became Mirko Tuš, who, for four consecutive years, was the richest Slovene according to the Manager. His Tuš Holding Company had a bad financial year.