To the Attention of Entrants: International Business School (IBS)

Higher educational institutions of Slovenia are an excellent choice for obtaining a quality education of European level. Today we will tell about one of them. We present to your attention the International Business School (IBS) or Mednarodna poslovna šola.

Basic Information about the Institution

The International Business School (IBS) is located in the central part of Ljubljana. It is a private educational institution that has state accreditation and carries out training on Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in International Business. The training is conducted on an on-campus and off-campus basis, which is extremely convenient for working students. If necessary, there is an opportunity to study according to an individual plan, for example, to complete a two-year programme during one year. Training in IBS is conducted in both Slovenian and English languages. All study materials are also presented in two versions.

IBS actively cooperates with a number of foreign universities, which include, in particular, the Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Finland), the University of Deakin (Australia), and the University of Bolzano (Italy). Therefore, specialists from different countries, who have impressive experience in certain areas of international business, conduct the classes. In addition, the university implements programmes to exchange students with Australia, Canada, Poland, Turkey, etc.

Study Programmes in IBS

Bachelor’s degree students of IBS are trained on the International Business programme, which is implemented in three areas:

1) International Business with Foreign Languages.

2) International Business with Sustainable Development.

3) International Business and Public Administration.

Training on this programme lasts 3 years and costs from 2,375 to 2,650 euros per year.

Master’s degree students study in IBS under the International Business and Sustainable Development programme. Entrants must have a basic higher education, i.e. have a Bachelor’s degree. When enrolling in a Master’s degree programme of the International Business School, you can continue your education in the chosen area or change your major subject. In this case, it will be necessary to compensate for the academic difference, in particular, to receive 10 ECTS in the corresponding area of studies. ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) is a system for measuring the student’s academic load on a single assessment scale. For example, a 4-year Bachelor’s degree programme approximately corresponds to 240 ECTS. For 2 years of studying on a Master’s degree programme, it is necessary to receive about 120 ECTS.

The cost of studying on the IBS Master’s degree programme is 2,800 euros per year. The curriculum is designed for 2 years.

Prospects after Graduating from IBS

For a student, studying at IBS is a key to gain both deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the following areas:

  1. organization of events, including international level;
  2. study of international marketing;
  3. international advertising;
  4. management of own companies;
  5. work with human resources and their management;
  6. marketing and financial research;
  7. diplomatic service;
  8. volunteer activities, etc.

It should be noted that all teachers of the International Business School possess relevant information and skills being in demand on the labour market. Therefore, the training is primarily focused on practice. The majority of teachers work themselves or have previously worked in successful European companies, so they are aware of all the changes and innovations in the economy and politics. While studying at IBS, you will be able not only to understand the current trends of the world economic development, but also to systematize new knowledge in accordance with your personal experience. In general, the International Business School programmes are well adapted for foreigners, so that they do not experience any significant difficulties in the learning process.

I study on the Master’s degree programme “International Business and Sustainable Development.” I obtained my higher legal education in Moscow. I have more than 15 years of experience in the field. First of all, I would like to note that the programme I study has turned out to be more interesting, informative and useful than I thought it would be. It contains the main modern trends of the current world economic development. In my opinion, it gives an opportunity to any listener, be it a businessman, a manager or just a student who has completed a Bachelor’s degree programme, of expanding the scope of personal world perception, understanding the main trends and establishing an interconnection of certain phenomena, which will be useful not only in any professional sphere, but also in ordinary life, for example, when choosing an employer. I shall be honest with you, I was surprised by the way the material is delivered to listeners. Information is provided. Conclusions are suggested, but not imposed. At the same time, the material is presented in such a way that it makes you think and evokes interest and the need to study more deeply the topic, a separate question or issues related thereto. No stereotypes are inculcated. The freedom is given for the listener’s own development,tells a student of the IBS Master’s degree programme, Anastasia.

The IBS graduates have broad prospects:

  1. A European diploma recognized in the EU countries allows the employment in Slovenia and abroad, in international companies or large corporations.
  2. The residence permit obtained for the period of study facilitates the further acquisition of Slovenian citizenship. The IBS diploma is a significant bonus when finding a job or establishing your own business.

Therefore, if you want to:

  1. lead scientific activities in any country in the world;
  2. receive solid knowledge and degree in international business;
  3. find a good job and secure a stable future;
  4. then studying at the International Business School (IBS) is the fastest way to make your dream come true.

It Is Important to Hurry Up!

Currently, the process of applying for the first round of admission to the IBS Master’s degree programme is ongoing. It will last until 20 June 2018. The second round will begin on 1 July and end on 10 September.

For admission, it is necessary to file a package of necessary documents, which for foreign citizens is very impressive. Therefore, in order not to face unforeseen difficulties and organizational problems, it is better for entrants to trust in specialists and apply to a company that provides assistance in entering Slovenian universities. The 2TM Company provides full customer support not only at the stage of admission, but also when applying for a residence permit, and in the course of further studies.

Taking into account the fact that I could come to Slovenia not earlier than this January, my admission to the study programme was a big question. But the team of 2TM managers worked like a charm. They found out my situation, my possibilities, my wishes and my plans for the future. They chose the most suitable study programme. They conducted all necessary negotiations with the educational institution. Later, they agreed with me all the nuances. They received training materials for me. I have to catch up a lot, but this is not a problem, since it depends just on me. It’s very convenient when you can trust professionals in at least some of the issues,” sums up Anastasia.

Author: Eva Kritskaya

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