The World’s Most Expensive Radicchio Is Grown in the Soča Valley

Radicchio is a cultivated form of leaf chicory. The local tradition of radicchio cultivation lasts for more than 200 years and is passed down through the generations. It was first mentioned by the baron Karl von Czörnig in 1784. According to locals, this plant is not only a product, but also a lifestyle.

In recent years, they have been intensively promoting radicchio to the market. Thematic evenings are organized. Journalists are invited to farming grounds. Restaurants promote radicchio as an exclusive delicacy. Even alcoholic beverages were prepared with its extract. In Gorica, this plant is called “the most beautiful winter rose”, “the queen of winter” and “the icon of Gorica”.

At the end of February, one of the best Italian chefs, Emanuele Scarello from the Agli Amici Restaurant in Udine, cooked dishes from radicchio in the local Lanthieri Mansion within the framework of a two-day workshop dedicated to this plant. Radicchio is used for cooking a variety of dishes from polenta and štrukli to beefsteaks, salads and sausages.