The Winners of the My Safety and Mobility Hackathon 2019 Are Determined

The winners of the My Safety and Mobility Hackathon 2019 were determined. The event was initiated by the Ministry of Public Administration, the Police and the Traffic Inspectorate of the Ljubljana municipality in cooperation with the ABC Incubator and the Ljubljana Technology Park.

Ten teams participated in the Hackathon. The first prize was received by the Veverice team, which developed the Varuh za Mladostnike mobile application, which allows young people to quickly find a safe place in case of a life threat.

The second place was taken by the Šveps team, which developed a comprehensive solution My Safety in the form of a mobile application for citizens of the country and foreigners. It contains information about the area, within which accidents, radars, hospitals, critical points etc. can be seen on the map, offers direct contact with the police in the form of an emergency call, interactive options for anonymous messages, active participation in the search for missing persons and life rescue instructions.

The third place was taken by the Full In team with the Kolo Varnik project, which solves the problem of bicycle theft.