The Velenje Education Centre Participates in the KOKCOP International Gastronomic Project

The Velenje Education Centre takes part in the KOKCOP international project aimed at studying national and regional dishes, the gastronomic heritage of partner countries, as well as introducing the Slovenian gastronomic heritage. The project also focuses on the food culture and the specifics of serving dishes, studying wines and the culture of drinking wine, cocktails and other mixed drinks, coffee, and coffee drinks. The partner countries of the project are Poland, Turkey, Romania, Italy, France, and Slovenia.

Among other things, the project involves conducting workshops in different countries, where students will be accompanied by mentors with exceptional experience and knowledge in gastronomy, which will help them learn the lifestyle and culture of local residents. In addition to gaining new professional expertise and knowledge about the cultural and gastronomic heritage, students will improve their English language skills, exchange experiences, and establish international contacts during the project.

In each country, there is an interesting and high-quality study programme involving experts in gastronomy, which is an additional advantage of this project. In early December 2019, the project was implemented in Poland. In the 2019/2020 academic year, it will also be held in Turkey and Romania. Further, in the 2020/2021 academic year, it is planned to be held in Italy, Slovenia and, finally, in France.