The University of Nova Gorica Takes the 140th Place in the International Round University Ranking

According to the international Round University Ranking (RUR), which evaluates and ranks the best universities in the world, in 2019 the University of Nova Gorica took an exceptionally high 140th place, which is the best indicator both in its history and in the history of Slovenian universities in general. The University of Nova Gorica also occupied worthy positions in this ranking in previous years: in 2018 – 353rd place, in 2017 – 186th place, in 2016 – 203rd place.

The first places in this ranking are traditionally occupied by the well-known American (California Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Harvard University) and English universities (Oxford, Cambridge).

The Round University Ranking (RUR) annually evaluates the world’s best universities and ranks them depending on the results achieved in four sectors: teaching, research, internationalization and financial stability. The RUR ranking is compiled based on data from world universities that are collected by Thomson Reuters as part of the Global Institutional Profiles Project. To analyse and evaluate the quality of university performance, Thomson Reuters uses 3 data sources: scientific publications and their citation index in Thomson Reuters Web of Science, annual surveys conducted by Thomson Reuters within the academic environment (the so-called Academic Reputation Survey), and statistical data obtained by Thomson Reuters directly from universities. This is the process for the formation of a database that includes scientific and pedagogical achievements of universities, the ways of financing their activities, as well as the characteristics of students and staff of universities.

Based on the data obtained for the RUR ranking, an analysis of 20 quality indicators from the 4 above sectors was carried out. At the same time, the indicators of research (40%) and teaching (40%) sectors have the greatest impact on the final indicator.

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