The University of Nova Gorica Registers a Patent for the Invention Solving Current Problems in Energy Supply

On Wednesday, 8 May 2019, the Rector of the University of Nova Gorica, Prof. Dr. Danilo Zavrtanik, and the Director of Institute CES, inštitut znanosti in tehnologije, d.o.o., Master Nina Gramc, signed a contract, on the basis of which the University of Nova Gorica sells its patent rights to the invention – A Method of Storing Energy in a Solid Body – to Institute CES, inštitut znanosti in tehnologije, d.o.o.

The author of the patent is Prof. Dr. Matjaž Valant, the Head of the Materials Science Laboratory and the Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences at the University of Nova Gorica. The patented invention solves one of the current key problems in the energy sector arising from unbalanced production and consumption of electricity. This problem is especially pronounced in cases when mains receive more energy from unstable sustainable sources like wind and sun.

This is an important event for the University of Nova Gorica because, for 24 years of its work, patent rights have been sold for the first time. Proceeds from the sale will be used to finance new patents. Cooperation between the parties will continue in the future since, in addition to the above contract, an agreement on cooperation in research and development was signed.