The University of Maribor Together with the IRNAS Institute and the New Harvest Foundation Is Involved in Research Studies on Tissue Engineering

Researchers from the group of Prof Uroš Maver at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Maribor joined a network of research projects in cell agriculture funded by the American New Harvest Foundation, one of the world’s most respected organisations in this field. Within the framework of this project, the researchers, using the flow bioreactor developed for New Harvest by the IRNAS d.o.o. Maribor Institute, will analyse the proliferation and differentiation of cells found in skeletal muscles and determine the optimal cultivation parameters. It is planned that in the next two years, the researchers from both Maribor organisations will jointly determine the parameters that accelerate the growth and development of tissues and modernise the technology that will ensure this activity on a larger scale.

Photo: Tissue and organ engineering opens up prospects/Univerza v Mariboru

Tissue and organ engineering opens up prospects for solving such problems as shortage of donor organs and improvement of their histocompatibility in the patient’s body. This research offers an opportunity to create complex in vitro models that provide a deeper understanding of the body functioning and the development of diseases and, as a result, contributes to the development of new treatment methods.

In addition to medical applications, this technology can also be useful in the development of new approaches in the food industry – in particular, in the livestock breeding. The laboratory method of growing meat represents enormous potential for new production methods. As compared to traditional ones, it requires significantly less resources (drinking water, fertile soil and energy), is characterised by less greenhouse gas emissions and minimal interference in animal life.

Detailed information about the project and the prototype of the bioreactor is provided on the New Harvest website.