The University of Maribor to Hold the Week of Health

From 9 to 13 April 2018, the University of Maribor will held the Week of Health 2018 campaign. The Student Council of the University of Maribor traditionally holds the campaign timed to the International Day of Health. Its goal is to emphasize the importance of active leisure and to strengthen the desire for a healthy way of life among students.

During the Week of Health , a dozen events that popularize healthy lifestyle will take place at various venues in Maribor. Therefore, students will try pole dancing, air yoga, Pilates Barre[*] with instructor Nives Orešnik, and take part in a workshop on hypnosis, aikido and kickboxing trainings, and in many other interesting events.

The finals of the University Sports League, in which the champion of the University of Maribor will be determined, will be held as part of the Week of Health. Since November 2017, the League includes 37 teams that compete in basketball, football and volleyball, representing various faculties of the University of Maribor.

Admission to all event is free as usual.

Complete schedule of the coming events is published on the website of the Student Council of the University of Maribor.

The importance of joining the student brotherhood of the University of Maribor is described here.


[*] Pilates Barre is a revolutionary training that combines the elements and techniques of Pilates, yoga, choreography and ballet. This is a set of stretching, flexibility and muscles strengthening exercises for the whole body.