The University of Maribor Participates in the International Study – EVROŠTUDENT VII

In April 2019, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport launched the international study – EVROŠTUDENT VII – Social and Economic Living Conditions of Students in Europe. At the initiative of the Ministry, the University of Maribor also participates in the study. The task of the study is to analyse the social and economic aspects and the specifics of student life in Slovenia, to identify the difficulties and obstacles that they face during their studies.

The purpose of the study is to collect data that will allow the comparison of the social and economic conditions of students in Slovenia with other European countries, and will become the basis for the implementation of national strategies and policies to improve the quality of secondary vocational and higher education in Slovenia.

As part of the study, a questionnaire was prepared for students studying in-person in Slovenia, which is available online from 25 April to 15 June 2019. Students will answer questions about their studies and living conditions – specific features of admission, training and temporary organisation of the academic process, work, facilities, expenses, living conditions, mobility, and well-being.

The Ministry has delegated conduction of the EVROŠTUDENT VII international study to the Institute of Pedagogics (Ljubljana). The project will be completed in 2021.