The University of Maribor Participates in an International Project

The working meeting within the framework of the EDU – LAB: Priložnosti za Mlade project, dedicated to the sustainable links between the economy and higher education, will be held at the University of Maribor on 25–26 January. It will also address the issues of study programmes adaptation to new conditions and technologies, creation of jobs for graduates in order to preserve and develop the human resources potential of the region.

During the meeting, the development of a new model of sustainable interaction between educational institutions and the labour market will be discussed.

The meeting participants include the President of the European Foundation for Professional Development, Professor Dr. Wolfgang Schuster, and representatives of employers and ministries from 10 countries of the Danube region (Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Belgium).

The leading partner of the project is the European Foundation for Education, Germany. The main objective is to improve the institutional capacity in enhancing the quality of higher education and training for the labour market in the Danube region.

The project is designed to improve the conditions for employment of graduates of higher education institutions in the countries of the region. It unites partners (representatives of higher education), employers and employees of relevant ministries.

The project has been implemented since January 2017 and will last until June 2019. Its budget exceeds 2.5 million euros.

The University of Maribor participates in all thematic sections of the project and leads the fourth key section devoted to the development of a new management model.

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