The University of Maribor Holds the National Contest in Computer Thinking – Beaver 2018/2019

On Saturday, 12 January 2019, the Beaver 2018/2019 national contest in computer thinking was held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics of the University of Maribor. The contest was attended by 250 students of primary and secondary schools. Previously, they had successfully passed the qualifying stage with over 33,500 contestants.

Beaver is an international computer thinking contest for 3–9 graders and students of secondary schools. Its goal is to popularise computing among schoolchildren. The tasks solved at the contest relate to algorithmic thinking, logical judgment and the development of problem-solving skills. Pupils learn that thinking and creative problem solving are interesting and fun.

The contest also included two lectures — Artificial Intelligence Today: The Basis of Recent Achievements (Prof. Dr. Damjan Strnad) and Telecommunications: Remote Transmission of Information (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boštjan Vlaovič).

The organiser of the contest in Slovenia is ACM Slovenija in collaboration with the University of Ljubljana, the University of Maribor and the University of Primorska. The school stage of the contest is held annually in November. The best contestants pass to the national stage of the contest, which is held in January.

The contest originates from Lithuania, where it was first held in 2004. This is the motherland of the Beaver’s creator – Prof. Valentina Dagiene. Three years later, 50,000 contestants from six countries took part in this contest. In 2008, ten countries and 96 thousand contestants already participated in the computer contest, in 2009 – eleven countries with 160 thousand contestants. In 2010, the contest was first held in Slovenia with 199 participants.

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