The University of Ljubljana and the Bank of Slovenia Plan a Long-term Cooperation

The Head of the Bank of Slovenia Boštjan Jazbec and the Rector of the University of Ljubljana Prof. Dr. Igor Papič signed a letter of intent at the end of 2017. Having secured the signatures, they pledged to develop a long-term cooperation within the framework of the ‘Mala Galerija’ project.

The project assumes opening of an exhibition hall of the same name for presenting works of young artists under the auspices of two partner organizations. The project will start from the beginning of 2019 and will be timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the University of Ljubljana.

The key priorities of the University are still the development of international politics and the enhancement of the educational institution authority in the research and teaching field. The responsibility of both partner organizations, in particular, is based on permanent long-term efforts aimed at improving the life of the society and the formation of its basic values. The ‘Mala Galerija’ project, revealing the potential of creatively gifted students, will contribute to this aim.