The Traditional Hokus Pokus Festival Takes Place in Ljubljana

From Monday, 7 January 2019, to Friday, 11 January 2019, the Ljubljana House of Pioneers – the Youth Culture Centre hosts the Twelfth Hokus Pokus Science Festival, which is held in the form of workshops organised by various institutions and aims to popularise the knowledge and promote the idea of the relationship between nature, technology and person.

The current festival gives pride of place to the relationship “human body – machine” and focuses on the impact of modern technology on our body and the use of technological knowledge.

Specialists, who during the morning workshops present their innovations on the basis of scientific knowledge and new technologies, take part in the festival. Representatives of academic institutions, artists, public figures and companies related to the festival also participate in the event. Through various activities, such as the construction of a meteorological station, a moisture meter, a hologram and a robot, they clearly present the subject of the event to children.