The Tezno Waste Recycling Plant Is Launched in Maribor

On Thursday, 5 July 2018, the official launching of the Tezno waste recycling plant (Sortirnica Tezno) took place. The Centre for Collecting Recycled Raw Materials is located in the premises of the new enterprise. The Maribor company Snaga invested 12.5 million euros in the plant construction.

The waste recycling plant will carry out a thorough sorting of mixed municipal and bulky waste, which is divided into three main groups: fractions suitable for processing, light and heavy fractions. Thanks to the plant launching, the fee for recycling 1 ton of mixed municipal waste, for which Snaga today pays 150 euros to a subcontractor, will drop to 95 euros, as specified by the Mayor of Maribor, Andrej Fištravec.

The construction of the Centre for Collecting Recycled Raw Materials lasted slightly less than a year – since August 2017. The centre consists of more than 150 elements, each of which plays an important role in the separation of mixed municipal waste. During the year, it can process almost 40,000 tons of mixed municipal waste in one shift.

Most of the mixed municipal waste entering the Recycling Centre is recycled first. For the reception of a light fraction, employees should pay to the recipient, who uses it for burning in a thermal boiler house. The heavy fraction also arrives at the recipient, who has to ensure that it is processed before disposal.

As Andrej Fištravec emphasized, the commissioning of this enterprise is a vivid example of the fact that circular economy becomes the major paradigm of the EU development. Maribor is one of the first cities to implement this project at the local level, as noted by the Mayor.