The Students’ Opinions about Studying at the University of Nova Gorica

Upon completion of education the same as during the course if its acquisition, the students from the University of Nova Gorica are pleased to note that the learning process has surpassed their expectations. It is nice that the students are not only perfectly educated and trained, but also satisfied. Here are several opinions expressed by the students:

“I’ve decided to study “Management in Engineering” at the University of Nova Gorica since this is a relatively new, promising and “fresh” study programme that gives good chances of future employment. Upon completing your studies, it is actually possible to find a job in any industrial company.”

“Our curriculum is very flexible. We constantly keep pace with the times. This means that our classes are not only conducted according to traditional patterns, but are also adapted to the needs of the modern world.”

“I entered the University of Nova Gorica because it offers a new study programme that is in interesting and original its own way.”

“I am a student of the “Digital Art” study programme at the University of Nova Gorica. My group is small and we study on a superb programme. Good thing is that we have a lot of foreign teachers that hold workshops for us.”

“One of the advantages is that the students have an opportunity of creating their own study programme. The main idea of the programme is defined, and we ourselves can choose its content taking into account what is of particular interest to us and to what we attach special importance. Teachers encourage us to make the right decision. They are glad that we can cooperate so well.”

“I should say that I am really pleased with the terms of studying, our teachers, and the general atmosphere that prevails at the university.”

“In fact, I have already completed my studies as the first graduate of the School of Viticulture and Enology. I am currently working at the School of Viticulture and Enology and at the Wine Research Centre (Slovene: Center za raziskave vina). Therefore, my opinion is that I could have hardly imagined a better result than obtaining a job in my degree field.”

Yuliia Hanzha, Ukraine. A student exchange program at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences:

At the University of Nova Gorica, I’ve participated in group projects, attended every scientific evening, and took part in student parties. I actually like everything that the University offers to students. In the future, I’m planning to come to the University of Nova Gorica to pursue my Master’s degree here. The university is doing everything for its students, and this is the best that could be done for people!”

Anya Soklich, a student engaged on her degree thesis at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences:

“A few years ago, I graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, and then continued my studies in France and Austria. I supplemented my knowledge gained in the University of Nova Gorica with a Master’s degree in Bionics/Biomimetics of Energy Systems (Slovene: magisterij Bionike/Biomimetike v energijskih sistemih), which generally means the development of the new nature-based technologies being a kind of biology and engineering mixture. I was expecting quite a lot of problems due to the lack of technical knowledge, but the result was quite the opposite. The environmental sciences helped me to become one of those students with a broad outlook and the ability to communicate technical and natural sciences with each other. This is the essence of bionics — to identify and investigate the biological phenomenon and to transform the idea into something practically useful. Of course, I spent much nerves and time on a variety of computer simulations and programming, but a cloudless study can never be interesting.

More than that, upon my graduation from the University of Nova Gorica, I had positive reference letters since my Master’s thesis had been published in a reliable scientific journal, which was a great success. I’m sure that I will take advantage of this experience while looking for a job in Austria. Keeping our fingers crossed!”

Tomislav Shtrukel, the Head of Manufacturing Department in Lafert elektromotorji d.o.o. and a graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Techniques:

“I have been working in Lafert elektromotorji d.o.o. as the Head of Manufacturing Department for more than five years. Thus, I have achieved quite good results. Since 2008 and until today, despite the crisis, our Company has partially increased the level of manufacturing by 113.7%. Therefore, we have increased the number of job positions from initial 25 to 49 places, and have introduced two work shifts instead of one.

The company is relatively small so during the work process, I perform several different functions that require special skills. I believe that this competence was in certain sense formed during my studies since the subjects that were taught within the “Management in Engineering” programme were diverse and covered a variety of different sectors. In any case, today this is a great advantage for employment.”

Sylvester Ershichi, the Head of the Hydroelectric Power Station Technical Sector in Spodnja Sava, d.o.o. and a graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Techniques:

“Electrical engineering was my youth dream. Thus, it became my major subject at the university as well as the start of my career. Over the years, the character of my work obligations has changed, so that other skills and competencies became a must for me. At the same time, I was looking for a suitable institution where I could acquire management skills, improve my qualification and learn how to face new challenges. Among all the possibilities, I was particularly interested in the Faculty of Economics and Techniques at the University of Nova Gorica. However today, a few years after graduating from the university, I can say that its programme and teachers are perfect, that I’ve enjoyed my studies and acquired knowledge that I use on a daily basis. I would recommend the Faculty of Economics and Techniques to everyone, who is currently engaged in the sphere of management or will be engaged in it in the future.”