The Slovenian Talum Company Organises a Contest of Young Erudites

In order to promote itself and search for future personnel, the Slovenian aluminium manufacturing company Talum from the settlement of Kidričevsko organised a contest of young erudites with the participation of 31 schools and 9 thousand students.

The Talumova ugankarska dogodivščina project aims to develop the creative abilities in students of basic schools, their ingenuity, innovative thinking and reading culture. Nine thousand participants received nine thousand books to read. The contest included three stages. The project’s ambassador was the best Slovenian boxer Dejan Zavec.

The Talum Company currently employs 800 people. The company provides recruitment by attracting foreign workers through scholarships and internships.

It should be added that today, truckers, truck drivers, manufacturing workers, welders, and bricklayers are the most demanded working professions in the labour market of the country.