The Slovenian Masters of Snow Sculptures Take Bronze at the Festival in China

At the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Contest, the Slovenes were second only to the Russians and the Mongols.

The team of Slovenia included Miro Rismondo, Bogdan Jerič, Robert Jenkole and Jure Pogačnik. The Slovenian sculpture from snow, which took the third place, is called Rojstvo Kresnika (“The Birth of Kresnik”). It took 36 cubic metres of snow to make it.

In the category of ice sculptures, Slovenian masters made two works—Kristalna vrata v neskončnost (“The Crystal Doors to Infinity”) and Rojstvo krogel (“The Birth of Balls”).

Last year, Miro Rismondo represented Slovenia at the festival. His work “Lace Blow in the Wind” was awarded for originality.