The Russian Museum to Be Opened in Maribor in 2019

In 2019, the Russian Museum will open in Maribor. It will be dedicated to the memory of Soviet soldiers — several thousand prisoners of war kept during the Second World War (September 1941 – March 1942) in the Nazi concentration camp Stalag XVIII D, located in the Melje community. According to some reports, more than 5 thousand people died because of severe incarceration conditions, famine and diseases. The names of 3 thousand POWs are already known.

All expenditures for its opening, about 2.5 million euros, will be borne by the Russian government and private sponsors. Thanks to the sponsors, the first part of the funds, 250 thousand euros, were previously provided by the Embassy of the Russian Federation. Slovenian architects Matej Katrašnik and Tomaž Kancler prepared the project of the Russian Museum several years ago.

According to the head of the International Research Centre of World War II recently opened in Maribor, Janez Ujčič, the construction works will begin this year. The Municipality of Maribor has already bought out the building, in which the concentration camp was run during the Second World War. According to Janez Ujčič, the Russian Museum will preserve the memory and respect for the past in the name of a peaceful future.