The Roses and Wine 2018 Culinary Event Is Held in the Botanical Garden of the University of Maribor

On Friday, 15 June 2018, the Roses and Wine 2018 culinary event was held in the Botanical Garden of the University of Maribor, during which tasting of extraordinary wines and dishes of 13 local producers (6 wine cellars and 6 touristic farms and eco-farms) took place.

In a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of the flower garden, the famous Styrian winemakers (Vino Greif, Vina Bračko, Ekološka vina Valentan, Meranovo, Vinogradništvo Horvat, Vina Kušter) and touristic farms (Kmetija Aronija Cigula, Kmetija pri Omi Neži, Društvo Godi mi, Kmetija Frangež, Ekološka kmetija Zlate Misli, Projekt PalaeoDiversiStyria) presented their products to the numerous guests of the event.

One of the stands presented projects that are currently being implemented in the Botanical Garden: PalaeoDiversiStyria and Iron Age Danube. A rich assortment of old dishes was offered to visitors, including bread and fruit snacks and Roman wine.

In the framework of the cultural programme of the event, students from the Music Department of the Faculty of Education, University of Maribor, and local guitarist Sergej Zorko addressed the guests.