The Recently Launched Official Reregister of Employed Students to Help Graduates in Finding Job

Starting from 10 February 2020, Slovenia has launched the EDI website – the Official Register of Employed Students, which indicates the professional experience and competencies acquired by students during their work. The site was developed by the Student Organisation of Slovenia with financial support from the European Social Fund and the Republic of Slovenia. Thanks to this project, all data on employed students within Slovenia is available on a single resource, regardless of involved employers and student services. The site provides student data starting from June 2019. The data retention period for each employed student is 15 years from the end of the employment contract. The existing registry is constantly updated.

All employed students in the country can use the site by entering their unique EMŠO identification number and tax number. Site users can download an extract from the registry and add it to their resumes as an official document confirming work experience during their studies. This extract shall be provided to the employer when searching for the first job.