The Publishing House of the University of Maribor Publishes a Monograph on the Promotion of the New Wine Route and Wine Tourism in General

The publishing house of the University of Maribor has published a monograph dedicated to Modra Frankinja as the Basis of Wine Tourism in Sevnica (in Slovene: Po poti modre frankinje: Modra frankinja kot osnova vinskega turizma v Sevnici) edited by Assoc. Prof. Dr Jasna Potočnik Topler and Prof. Andrej Lisec. The publication appeared as a result of the Student Innovative Public Useful Project (ŠIPK) 2016–2020, in which students from the Faculty of Tourism and other faculties at the University of Maribor participated in cooperation with the Department of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth of the Municipality of Sevnica. Within the framework of the project, the preparation of a new wine route has begun, which will promote the autochthonous Slovenian grape variety – Modra Frankinja.

Winemakers, winegrowers, catering facilities and hospitality industry, local cultural and natural sights, as well as other destinations of the municipality of Sevnica were united under one name – Modra Vinska Pot. This is a special name that has two meanings in the Slovenian language. If translated literally, it means the blue colour of the grape skin. On the other hand, the adjective “moder” can also be understood as “wise” and “responsible”.

The Modra Frankinja as the Basis of Wine Tourism in Sevnica monograph presents the municipality of Sevnica, its history and sights, as well as the tourism industry. The publication defines the tourist offer of the region. Wine tourism and its features in a particular destination are presented in detail. It also describes a new wine route that connects local Modra Frankinja wine producers as well as restaurants and other hospitality industry establishments that use grapes of this variety as an ingredient in their dishes.

The monograph is available online.