The Process of Application for the First Round of Admission to the Universities of Ljubljana and Maribor Comes to its End. Why Is it Important to Be in Time?

Few days are left until the end of the receipt of applications for the first round of admission to the universities of Ljubljana and Maribor. The deadline expires on 20 April 2018. This information is an important signal for those applicants who have so far delayed their decision. After all, having time to apply for admission to the first round means to create the most favourable conditions for future studies. Why?

“The fact is that before the end of the application period for the first round of admission, all the places in universities and colleges are vacant. Thus, the choice of faculties and study programmes is the biggest, as well as the probability of being enrolled to the chosen programme. During the second round, documents will be accepted for the remaining programmes only. While during the third round, if available, the choice will be even narrower, which cannot be said about the competition for the remaining places. As a result, either there may be no vacant places, or the remaining study programmes will not satisfy the requirements of an applicant,” explains a 2TM project manager Špela Miklavčič.

However, with regard to the universities of Ljubljana and Maribor, it is important to keep in mind one more issue that is significant. The rules of the enrolment campaign for the academic year 2018/2019 in these universities are such that candidates for enrollment during the second round will be selected exclusively from those who applied for the first round, that is until 20 April 2018. If entrants fail to apply until this deadline, they will not be enrolled to these universities during this academic year at all.

It should be recalled that at the stage of submitting documents during the first round, entrants are required only to file their applications and the available documents. Then, in June–July, they will need to add originals of certificates/diplomas with the results of final examinations. Afterwards they will just need to gain strength before the start of the new academic year. Given the intensity of study programmes in Slovenia’s universities, the strength will definitely be needed here!