The Prime Minister of Russia Names Key Professions for the Future of the Country

The key groups of professionals that determine the future of the country are doctors and teachers. The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated this idea at the Gaidar Forum. Medvedev added that thereby, it was necessary to change the state attitude to the increase in their incomes.

According to him, personalization affected the social sphere. Therefore, it is necessary to set tasks for changing attitudes towards the healthcare and education system. This includes, among other things, improving the skills of those who work in this sphere.

Medvedev noted that the “education of future” would be based on a personalized process with open educational resources and new approaches to evaluating learning outcomes. According to the Prime Minister, the new technological way repeatedly increases the price and value of intellectual capital. It becomes more and more significant within the global competition.

The Prime Minister believes that in such conditions, a person itself will be the main value and “the main guiding landmark in making managerial decisions.”