The Owner of the Nona Luisa Company Holds a Lecture at the University of Nova Gorica

On Tuesday, 7 May 2019, the University of Nova Gorica hosted a lecture by the owner of the Nona Luisa Company, Katjuša RejaProduction of Natural Cosmetics and Wine Liqueurs. The event was organised as part of the Through Creativity to Knowledge project.

During the lecture, students learned about the production of natural cosmetics and the business career of the lecturer. Katjuša Reja used her knowledge gained in the course of research and development activity in business by establishing the Nona Luisa company. Her brand of natural cosmetics has the same name.

Katjuša Reja is a graduate of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and a former employee of the University of Nova Gorica. She is currently collaborating with the University of Nova Gorica within the framework of the Grape Seeds – Source of Pollution and Commercial Opportunity project.