The Municipality of Maribor and the Podravje Region Enter the Top Ten European Cities and Regions of the Future

According to the data published by Financial Times fDi, the municipality of Maribor and the region of Podravje are among the Top Ten European Cities and Regions of the Future in the Strategy category. The assessment criteria were the opportunities of small European regions and cities to attract strategic investments.

In March 2018, the Chambers of Commerce of the United Kingdom and Slovenia held a business conference to exchange their experience, establish new ties and familiarize themselves with Manchester’s experience in attracting foreign investment. According to fDi Intelligence data, the 2018/2019 ranking of European cities and regions of the future is not limited to the EU alone. It takes into account the most promising cities and regions throughout Europe.

To create a short list of countries included into the ranking, the Financial Times FDi Intelligence team collected data using specialized tools FDi – fDi Benchmark, fDi Markets, etc. The data were collected for 489 items (301 cities, 150 regions and 38 micro-regions) in 5 categories: Economic Potential, Working Environment, Economic Efficiency, Infrastructure and Business Development. The objects scored up to 10 points for each data group that were weighted by their importance in the FDi decision-making process to make up the ranking sub-category.

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It should be noted that in October 2008, industrial companies of Maribor created 68,000 workplaces. By the end of March 2013, 13,000 jobs were cancelled. Since then, 4,700 new jobs have been registered, and the trend towards a decrease in unemployment has been steadily strengthening.

As previously reported, the year 2017 was a record success for the tourism industry of Maribor and the suburbs. Tourism is the key economic sector in Slovenia. Therefore, for all those who wish to connect their future with the tourism industry, the right decision will be to receive education in Slovenia. This country offers a wide range of study programmes on tourism provided by both universities and colleges. More information about all the advantages of studying tourism in Slovenia can be read here.