The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport Announces a Tender for Young Professionals “The First Job in the Field of Education and Training”

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Slovenia has announced a tender for “The First Job in the Field of Education and Training” with a budget of 1.5 million euros. The purpose of the tender is to employ 118 new specialists. Applications for participation are accepted until 22 January 2019.

Within the framework of the tender, two categories are declared: “Educator Assistant” (without work experience) and “Teacher” (without work experience). The subject of the tender is to employ educator assistants, teachers and consultants under the age of 29 with the goal of a planned, organized, professional, practical training for independent educational work in kindergartens or schools, as noted on the Ministry’s website.

The budget for the training of entry-level educators is 444,600 euros, for entry-level teachers – 1.03 million euros.

During the two stages of the tender, 57 entry-level educator assistants will be employed for a period of five months (1 May – 30 September 2019) and 61 entry-level teachers will be employed for a period of eight months (1 April – 30 November 2019). At the first stage, it goes about providing the position of an educator assistant in kindergartens and schools, as well as in educational institutions for children and adolescents with special needs, who work according to the current state programme. At the second stage, candidates for the positions of a teacher, a consultant or an educator of an educational institution will be employed.

Upon expiration of the above terms, candidates are expected to conclude a new fixed-term labour contract for at least 1 month (until 31 October 2019) with educator assistants, and for at least 6 months (until 31 May 2020) with teachers.

Only public or private educational institutions can participate in the tender. Before submitting the application, candidates must conduct a selection procedure, together with the selected candidate, develop a draft training project and fill out an application, which, according to the terms of the tender, must be sent to the Ministry.

The tender is co-financed by the European Social Fund.